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Scott P. Richert

Very nice! Congratulations!


don't know why this is such a "big thing"....... everyone who writes, sends something to the pope gets one of these........
when the Pope writes or his secretary, then we can woo-whoo........... until then, the cows are still out in the field chomping on shredded "papal thank you letters". Don't know if this has anything to do with papal bull or not.


well, I think it's awesome! What the address to send anything to the Pope? Is it the obvious: His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Vatican City...?


Wow! OK, I'm fairly sure these are fairly common, sure, but still a fresh promise of prayer--from someone entrusted with so much responsibility for souls--well, it's got to be uplifting, no?

Julie @ The Corner With A View

That is so great, Jimmy! And well-deserved. :)

@frjimt- It's just a little nod from the Pope, but it's still a big deal and YES, very uplifting!

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