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There is a new book out re: the early church being congregational and fundamentalist.

The author is, surprise, very anti-Catholic. One big thing he stresses is that the early Chritians didn't force people to convert or burn them at the stake. It's pretty intense.

But the book is documented unlike many such sucession type books. This is not Baptist successionism - the group eschews Baptists too.

In any case have you heard of this book and do you know of any reviews written by "neutral" sources.

I know several former Catholics who are hevily involved in promoting this new "discovery" of the fundamentalist, congregational primitive church.

Here is a link:



I'm so excited about this website. I'm a convert, 10 yrs this Easter, and always wanting to learn more.

I can't get the subscribe buttons to work. HTML pops up, but I will just subscribe through my google reader.
God bless!

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