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Hello Jimmy-

Thank you for ALL the countless hours and time you have devoted to sharing the knowledge you have been given regarding our Catholic faith. I was very interested in the reference to the Gospel of James. I remember reading it about 10 years ago, but at the time I wasn't completely sure it should be believed or trusted. I understand that some biblical scholars have stated that although the gospel itself proclaims to be written by James the Just, Jesus step-brother, it very well may have been written by someone else unknown. Do you know if this is the reason for its exclusion in the Bible? Also, I'm thinking you are presenting this information, even though questionable as inspired text, as at least historical text. As a Catholic, I've always been intrigued by Mary's early life as portrayed in this text and wondered how much I can use it in my own life as I'm talking with others who are not Catholic and may have arguments about Mary's perpetual virginity. I'd sure appreciate your thoughts. Thanks! I adore your work and am so inspired by your persistence to share the truth of our Catholic Traditions.

Sandra Embry

Hi Jimmy,

I'm enjoying these videos and can't wait to get the book. I'm a convert to the Catholic Church. Years ago I read a book by a man, David Bercot, about the early Church called "Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up." He's a lawyer, former Jehovah's Witness, and has studied the early Church for many years. He became an Episcopal priest, and now is some type of Mennonite. For years, I took him as THE authority on the early Church. We became Mennonites for 10 years. Three years ago my husband and I left the Mennonites and came to the Catholic Church, causing a huge uproar in our families. Now I am learning that David Bercot didn't tell the whole story. We had known him and attended church with him and his family for a couple of years. Have you ever heard of this man? And do you think we should try to contact him to tell him of our conversion? Thanks.


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