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I'm glad you're talking about the Fathers, but it's a bit dry as a biography. What did he write about? What did he DO?

Dr. Eric

Was St. Cletus from Mississippi? ;-)


I find this fascinating. I'm hoping to hear more about St. Clement in the future:).

Thanks for this blog; I have always wanted to know more about the Church fathers, but my reading time is limited to glancing at blogs a few minutes here and there, and most books on the church fathers are enormous.


Very cool! I'm so glad to see this!

Catholic Pat

To Joe and the others who say "not much substance" -- It seems like this site is supposed to act as a preview to the book, and is therefore subordinate. Why would Mr. Akin one to include everything that's in his book on the site?

The title of the post is "MEET THE FATHERS," so it's evident we're talking about WHO the Fathers were... and so a brief bio is perfect for the purpose...

Jimmy Akin

Y'all did see the "MORE INFO" link at the bottom, right?


Hey Jimmy! Will your book be sold in stores during Christmas time?


I'm fascinated by the possibility of Clement being dated so early. But it raised a concern in the back of my mind.
Wouldn't that mean that his two predecessors (Cletus and Linus?) only held the post for a total of 6 years between the two of them, if St Peter indeed died around 64 ad? I suppose with Nero's persecutions the head of the Christian Church couldn't enjoy too long of a life expectancy. Is this perhaps why Jurgens didn't want to date it so close to the year 70? Because it limits the window of time for the successors of Peter before Clement?

Looking forward to reading the book.

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