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Catriona Mac Kirnan

Question: I have a Christian (Protestant) friend who is blind. She has a blind friend who is Catholic. She was wondering what resources about the new Mass (even just a transcription or recording of the new texts) are available for the blind. Would this book, for example, be available in an audio book format any time soon? Any ideas?

Jimmy Akin

There may be an audio book version of this in the future (we'll have to see), but for now there is a home-made audio book option. If you have a 2nd generation or later Kindle, it has text-to-speech software, and you can get this book and then have your Kindle read it outloud. Be aware, though, that it isn't primarily a collection of the texts of the Mass but is a book about the Mass. It includes excerpts, but not the complete texts. I would suggest contacting the Bishops' Committee for Divine Worship at http://usccb.org/romanmissal to see if they are aware of any publishers who have audio resources for the blind on the new Mass translation. Hope this helps!

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