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October 17, 2008



what? the roman forum?


The forum in Rome! What an amazing place.


When are we going to get the official answers to these mystery pictures? I'm still wondering about Mystery Photo #2, the luminous lady of aluminum.

Rotten Orange

I don't know the place, but I noticed the tennis shoe instead of the boot.

Jimmy Akin

I'll give the official answers, with supplemental photos of the same places, when I get back to the US, which would be next week.

So far at least someone has guessed correctly on each one except #5, which indeed has a Star Wars connection, but no one has yet named the correct real-world location where I'm standing. (Tatouine and Gabes, while real places in Tunisia, are not correct. I'm not either of those places.)

B.K. Dolan

The Arch of Septimus Severus


Ahhh, I just stood here last weekend, to my blessed luck. This is the Palantino in Rome, about a mile from the Colosseum, looking out on ancient Rome from the west to the east!

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