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October 18, 2008



Santa Maria ad Martyres/Pantheon.


Santa Maria ad Martyres/Pantheon.


The "oculus" at the Pantheon

Rotten Orange

It looks like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, but there are no paintings...

Phil Maff

The event horizion from the stargate on planet P2X-555.


That's in Rome, ain't it? It's a former pagan temple that was turned into a Church, right? (Can't recall whether it's a cathedral or not....)

Y'know, if they put a giant magnifying lens on that thing.... That'd be a cool solar furnace, wouldn't it?


Close-up of a monstrance.


Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem


Jimmy, you stole this from my blog!


Okay, not really. Shameless plug.


This one I know!....in part because I got separated from the rest of the group :( If it weren't for Fr. Joe Lehman, I would have really been in trouble. He was my guardian angel that day!

It's the Pantheon!


Yup, yup. It's the former Pantheon...

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