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October 08, 2008


Christopher Y

It is without question the Alamo.


"It is without question the Alamo."

Hmmm? That's questionable.


I've been to the Alamo, and I remember it. I also remember where it is. If Jimmy is anywhere near the Alamo, his whole tour is very seriously lost.

Helm's Deep?

Rotten Orange

The movie set from The Nativity Story?

David B.

LOL that Helm's Deep reference. Anytime you can get LOTR into a story, it's good. :-D


Some 19th century shore battery.


Is it the citadel in which America's collective common sense has been locked away?? If so, please OPEN IT UP before Bill Ayres....errrrr....I mean Obama, is elected.


Oh come on. Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem!


"LOL that Helm's Deep reference. Anytime you can get LOTR into a story, it's good. :-D"

I would have said Minas Tirith, myself.

The same view can be found here:


First it says Jerusalem, but then it makes it clear it has to be Bethlehem.

(I teach at the same U as BA, Bob, and it would be very embarrassing, but most American universities are shot through with faculty, including many Catholics, who are quite willing to suspend their reason to support the unreasonable deadly intent of abortion.)

David B.

"I would have said Minas Tirith, myself. "

But Minas Tirith was describe a having the appearance of being carved out of the bone of the earth. It was also called the white city. No, this pic has the rugged look of Helm's Deep. ;-D


Looks white to me, and you can't see much to say if it is leaning against a mountain. And the area around Bethlehem isn't exactly flat; this church is built over a cave, after all.



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