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September 04, 2008


Sleeping Beastly

Brilliant! Spot on! My daughter has been asking what I'm laughing at. "Is the 'putem being silly, Daddy?"

Tim J.

McCain should really go for the eye patch. It looks edgy. The pirate undertones would complement his "maverick" image.

Jenny Z

I think I just snorted milk through my nose...


This is seriously eerie.

And a hoot!

Gene Branaman

Classic, Jimmy! It's also classic Jimmy, but that's expected. ;) Thanks for the laugh!

Tim J . . . "pirate undertones" is way too funny!


Proof that Darth Rove is going for the Sci Fi Fan vote!

David B.

"task that is from the gods."

Actually, if you're talking about her prayer she said at her church, I think it was more of a "Thy will be done" thing than "we are doing Your will, 'cause, like, we know It already."


How did I not see this before? Hilarious! (Now if only Palin...I mean Roslin...topped the bill in the near future. And if only Lee were by her side.) Thanks for posting this. :)


Jindal equals Lee?



I always thought the collected Rhodes Scholar/technocrat made Jindal seem most like the efficient and computer savvy Gaeta.

Kevin Baker

Brilliant! And linked, too!

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