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August 22, 2008



I know! I know! It was Jimmy, right?!


I wonder if this is enough to show that both political parties are really the same...

"elect me!! I want power" is all they stand for.


And your sources are what? Sorry, but I don't believe it.


Fantastic! Since when did this turn into a humor blog?


The more we joke that McCain and Obama are the same, the more we're hurting ourselves.

If you can't see the difference between McCain's abortion voting record and Obama's, you're blind.


If they both choose a pro-abort running mate, then the story is correct -- they'd both be running with the Devil.


AP News Jan 25 2009 "Vice Pres. Jimmy Akin spoke today at a Press conference. 75% of the questions were on why Sola Scriptura does not work..and thus is not in the National Interest."


Fantastic! Since when did this turn into a humor blog?

Actually, Tim's post is of a piece with several previous posts by Jimmy. All Tim needed was the "Daily Planet" tagline.

The more we joke that McCain and Obama are the same, the more we're hurting ourselves.

C'mon, lighten up!


I bet it is/was Joe Lieberman...

John Thayer Jensen

George "they ain't a dime's worth of difference" Wallace, call your office.


Tim J.

"Fantastic! Since when did this turn into a humor blog?"

Hey, it's Friday.

bklyn catholic

Yes, the two parties' candidates do look close together on the issues when the third party candidate is a racist segregationist like George Wallace.

Nader used a similar line to help define the fringe Left.

We are actually lucky that both our dominate parties reflect large portions of Americans' values. Though, one could argue that the fringe parties help better define the differences between the dominate parties because the major party candidates have to speak to the fringe candidates views and how they individually react creates clear differences between the two.

Sleeping Beastly

tnourse: That was my first thought too!

After frantically googling "obama mccain same running mate" I realized it was a joke. But in all seriousness, neither McCain nor Obama are getting my vote, regardless of their choices in running mates. Keyes in '08!

Jeffrey G

I thought McCain should choose Obama and Obama should choose McCain and be done with it.

David B.

The reason that they can't say who they chose is because they chose each other. :-D


LOL! Obama looks like Brain from Pinky and the Brain.

LOL! Obama looks like Brain from Pinky and the Brain.

"What are we going to do tonight, Brain?"

"The same thing we do every night, Pinky."

"Aw right, Brain. But where are we going to get a pair of leiderhosen and a vat of sour cream at this time of night?"

The Masked Chicken

Wow, comments have trickled to a stand-still (almost twenty-four hours since the last post). Is this P. Z. Myers fatigue?

The Chicken


Personally, I will be voting for John McCain because he is a war hero. He played an instrumental role in the American revolutionary war as a soldier, a general in the the civil war, and a fighter pilot in the Vietnam war. And let's not forget that he knew Noah and supported his ark project. Now, McCain has proven to be very durable; for instance, he and the cockroaches survived the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs!

Susan Peterson

Eric, Are you somehow suggesting that McCain's age is a problem? Let me ask you something. Do you expect to grow more stupid and less wise, year by year as you live? Or do you expect to learn from your life, experinces, and studies?
Susan Peterson


A vote for Obama is a vote for age-discrimination.

Along with a whole lot of worse things, obviously.

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