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July 18, 2008



Or perhaps he's somewhere in between? :-)

Tim J.

Well, I can see where God might scowl at those who see the Sabbath as only a bothersome interruption of their schedule. It constitutes not only a lack of reverence but also a lack of gratitude. I might scowl, too, if I gave a party for a friend and the guest of honor blew it off because he/she was "too busy".

One might answer, "Yes... you *are* too busy."


We try our darnest to avoid manual work on Sunday. Some can't be let go, of course-- meals must be prepared, dishes must be washed, etc. But the lawn-mowing can always be done on Saturday or Monday, as can the shopping. We do try to make it a family day, either relaxing in each other's company, or less often, an outing or a hike. It's also a day for hospitality-- if we're having friends over for dinner, I'll push for Sunday as often as possible.


During an especially hectic time we were privileged to be invited to a Sabbath Seder by Jewish friends. For a few hours it was an oasis of tranquility and refreshment.

It is difficult to keep sane and well without keeping one day of the week differently from the others.


Two thoughts:

I once had a priest who thought that the NFL was sacrilegious due to having it's games on Sunday. I would have argued the point, but the Bucs were coming on.

Tim's comment reminds me of the Tampa newscaster who would sign off his fishing reports with "If you're too busy to fish, your just too busy". Before he passed away, I spent many a Saturday morning was spent on the lakes and bays of the Gulf Coast with my Dad. I think that fits right in with what God was getting at.

Have a Great Day,

Marion (Mael Muire)

Some people have also traditionally viewed Sunday as the day to practice good works as a family, for example, to visit a relative in a nursing home or someone who is ill or doesn't get out much. Or to call on an elderly or lonely family member or acquaintance in their own home, to invite them out for a stroll or give them a ride to church and invite them for a bite to eat afterwards. Maybe to do some yard work for them. Or to make a phone call or write a letter to long distance relatives or friends who may be ill or lonely or neglected.

All this can be done after attending Mass, and while preserving the peace of the day

Owen the Wise

I have questions in my mind about keeping the Sabbath. I have heard it argued that it is not a fundamental matter of natural law like not stealing is--because it was not given down as law earlier to Noah in the Noahide law. I wonder what other people think of that.

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