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June 02, 2008



Is -she- a cylon?

Mitchell Bond

Eek, don't compare Hillary Clinton to Laura Roslin... I like Laura Roslin, she's my favourite character. And, yes, Hillary Clinton in advised by cylons, but only traitorous cylons who once worked for the noble Laura Roslin.


Laura Roslin, "noble"?


Well, if Hillary suggests that we keep the peace in Iraq by establishing robot hordes...

Mitchell Bond

Okay, so she is anything but noble. However, I still like her. She might be misunderstood. Yeah, that's my defense.

SG-1 Fan

...And that woman to Hillary's left looks like Col. Samantha Carter...


So could Col. Tigh be John McCain?

Dan Hunter

Not sure, but it is quite possible that Margaret Sanger was dressed down by Screwtape when she refused to blatantly open up about her love of Adolph Hitler and absolute hatred of all black and Spanish children.

This after her bandleading for the Mephistophelian chaos soup of Planned Parenthood failed to reap the demonically planned decapitation and quatering of the projected 20,000,000 inner city babies that Beelzebub had previously pushed into her imagination and memory.
She did look good in orange chiffon though,

Just a thought.


Well, since Laura Roslin is one of the Final Five. . .


Then who is advising Obama?

Still thinking that the preview was a trick of editing. Spoilers indicated that she wasn't one of the F5.

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