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May 02, 2008


David B.


Relative of yours?


Relative of yours?

Nope. Kid at my church. I've got another one I'm going to post too.


Thanks for sharing that reflection, SDG.



>>>Viva Le Papa!

Isn't it "Viva Il Papa"?

"Il" is the masculine singular definite article in Italian ("il Papa" = the Pope). "Le" is the feminine plural definite article ("le ragazze" = the girls).

In Jesu et Maria,


Isn't it "Viva Il Papa"?


Reminds me of that Spanish T-shirts printed with "Yo vi la papa!" rather than "Yo vi el papa!" The latter means "I saw the pope!"; the former translates as "I saw the potato!"



"I saw the potato!"


The word "papa" also has two meanings in Italian, depending on how it is pronounced. With the stress on the first syllable it means "Pope." With the stress on the second syllable it means "daddy" (in which case it is spelled "papà"). Both are masculine nouns though, despite the "a" ending which is more typical of feminine nouns in Italian.

That's your Trivia for Today. ;-)

In Jesu et Maria,

Richard Lamb

There is hope for our youth yet.

Jay E. Adrian

Vive le pape.

David S.

I'm pretty sure that, in order to mean "I saw a potato," one would have to say "Yo vi una papa." But I'm not a Spanish expert, so I'll defer to anyone who knows better than I.


David S:

"Yo vi una papa" = "I saw a potato" (indefinite article)
"Yo vi la papa" = "I saw the potato" (definite article feminine)
"Yo vi el papa" = "I saw the Pope" (definite article masculine)

David B.


Isn't English is hard enough? ;-)


Esperante: Vivu La Papo!
(Vivu La Lingvo Internacia!)


"Yo vi el papa" = "I saw the Pope" (definite article masculine)"

Nope. The correct Spanish phrase would be "Yo vi AL Papa". "Yo vi el papa" is incorrect no matter what "papa" you are talking about. :)

Sorry for being picky, but as a native Spanish speaker such things do get my attention. Anyway, thanks for the article, it is quite heartening to read.

Viva el papa!!! :)

David B.

SDG, you just got served... ;-D


Veronica is of course correct (and so is David B).

I was going by accounts of the T-shirt incident I found online, but of course you can't trust most of what is on the Internet.

Even so, in my earlier post above I almost corrected the Internet error by simplifying the references above to "El papa" / "La papa," without the "I saw." "El papa" (emphasis on the first a) is "the pope." But when you add "I saw" ("Yo vi") you need "al Papa," not "el Papa."

My BIL is a native Mexican and my sister, who has lived in Mexico for years, teaches Spanish, so it was an easy check.


errrr.....just to clarify; "papa" does NOT mean potato in Italian! Maybe in Spanish, but not Italian!

'Papa' actually has 3 means in Italian.....

PAApa = 'Pope'

PapAA = 'Daddy'

Pa-Pa = generic word for baby food

God Bless,

An Italian


Hi Maria,

Thanks. Yes, we were talking about Spanish, there.


Christian art hasn't always been so lame because the top quality artists were once hired to decorate the churches (especially in the Renaissance), and almost everyone (in Europe) was Catholic, and there were a lot of churches. So there was a lot of good Christian art.

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