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April 11, 2008




(please tell me this isn't a spoiler. i watch on dvd so i'm not up to date, and i just don't think i could take it if tigh were one of the final five...)

David B.

So the Vietcong were... anti-Cylon???

Mark Scott Abeln

That explains a lot. Now to which alien races do Hillary and Barack belong?

Christopher Fair

Barack is clearly a Vulcan name. I believe he is one of the Vulcans who do not actually believe in the "Katra" I believe it is called. As far as Hillary is concerned, her ruthless politics would make her a Klingon.


So say we all!

Tim J.

Well, that settles it. We NEED Cylon leadership in these trying times.

McCain gets my vote, and I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

Tim J.

Also, I must protest Jimmy's policy of not allowing robots to post comments.


Obama does sound a lot like a Vulcan, doesn't he?

Tom P

Vulcans are rational, therefore it is most certainly NOT clear that "Barack" is a Vulcan name.

And for the same reason, Obama does NOT sound like a Vulcan.


David B.

Barack is clearly a Vulcan name.

SO what? Why are you drudging up images of Vulcans? To scare us with the idea of a mind-melding President? You MUST be an operative of the Cylons!!! Anyone who mentions Barack Obama's Vulcan heritage is playing the politics of Anti-Vulcan FEAR!!!!!!

Dan Hunter

And Ambassador Alan Keyes is a human being then.


I for one welcome our new Cylon overlord.


Cylons have been under-represented in our government for too long. After all, how can a non-Cylon represent the interests of Cylons?

Thunder Bacon

I think Bill Gates is actually the final Cylon model.

Dan Hunter

That Cylon that you picture is pro-death.

He supports embryonis baby murder and sodomite unions.

Ambassador Keyes is the Constitution Party candidate and is on the ballot in most states.

He is 100% pro-life.


The Klingon are honorable. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is more like the Putin-equivalent from the Romulan secret police.

Barak Hussein Obama is Arabic. Named for one of Mohammad's nephews, I believe, and the first name is the first name of the ruler of Arab-occupied Egypt.

Karina Fabian

Actually, I agree with Elijah. I think Bill Gates is more likely. I blogged about it last week and then happened to find this blog doing a Google search for more evidence. Check out www.fabianspace.blogspot.com for my assertions and the frightening conspiracy that affects us all! :)

law of attraction group

I’ve found another writer that does the same thing although don’t have the points right now.

Great post and great point!

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