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February 08, 2008


Tim J

Now, see? I didn't know that zombies were adversely affected by cold weather.

So, I learned something today.

I DID know that you should never let zombies bite you, and that you should always "go for the head".


John Carpenter-Romero, Ph.D., a zombie-ologist

"Carpenter-Romero" = funny.

"Zombie-ologist" = should have tried harder. If nothing else, "zombiologist" practically screams to be used. (What would the Latin be for "undead"?)

(P.S. I would have called the experts Romero Carpenter and Jackson Raimi.)

Ed Peters

A GW-Zombie link? Now THAT has my attention. We'll be taking appropriate precautions, for sure. And on behalf of my children, THANK YOU JIMMY.


For example, if Al Gore became Zombie Al Gore his utility usage and air travel would go from several hundred tonnes of carbon per year to zero tonnes of carbon per year

This, for me, is the hardest thing to buy about all this. In the first place, I thought most the consensus among zombiologists was that Al Gore already is a zombie. And even if he isn't, surely the difference can't be that great?

Jay D


Mangy Donkey

If I am not mistaken, the suffix -ology comes from greek. So I suppose the study of the undead would be Anecrology.

I always thought Al Gore was undead.


Just shoot 'em in the head. They stay down when you shoot 'em in the head.


Randolph Carter

You know, this actually makes perfect sense. I mean, look at medieval Europe, back during the warm period. If generic Dungeons and Dragons-style fantasy novels and ADOM have taught me anything (and they have), it was that your average medieval cemetery erupted into a plague of zombies sometimes two, three times a night. Now a days, in this colder world of ours, not so much. But it looks like the shambling hordes of the undead are ready to make a comeback, and I, for one, welcome our new revenant overlords!

Al Gore became Zombie Al Gore

A splendid idea! I second the motion!

Wait, does that mean if I get bitten by Al Gore, I'd BECOME Al Gore? Hm . . . I might have to go be an hero, if that happened.


Follow-up post: "Global Warming Can Cause Anything"


Sounds more like something from Brian Briggs than William Briggs. (Brian Briggs of bbspot.com)


Wait, does that mean if I get bitten by Al Gore, I'd BECOME Al Gore?

I don't think anybody should aspire to get bitten by Al Gore.

Scott W.

Follow-up post: "Global Warming Can Cause Anything"

Great link. That story links to http://www.numberwatch.co.uk/warmlist.htm>A complete list of things caused by global warming

My favorite: "Brothels struggle"


Th zombies are on the roam...


trying to sell drugs...


To ur readers...


but fear not...


'cause I'm here...


looking out 4 u...






my utility belt...


almost there...



Kevin Jones

Visit http://www.zombiesarecoming.com>Zombies are Coming.com for all your zombie invasion planning needs.

Does anyone remember that causistic thought experiment on the liceity of killing a relative who has been infected by a zombie, but is not yet murderous? I saw it on some blog.

Didn't jimmyakin.org used to be about apologetics?


Didn't jimmyakin.org used to be about apologetics?

Unfortunately, Mr. Jones, the blog has devolved into a potpourri of other 'stuff'.



Jimmy's been too busy with his apologetics job to do apologetics here.

I wouldn't say the blog has 'devolved' at all.

J.R. Stoodley

Fortunately, I'm friends with one of the developers of the American Red Cross's plan for a Zombie outbreak. At least that is what he claimed, he and some Red Cross friends of his wrote out a plan for dealing with a major outbreak of Zobieism, basically treating it as an epidemic, and filed it with other emergency plans.

J.R. Stoodley


Mike Melendez

With this post, All of Jimmy is back!

Welcome back, Mr. Akins!

I, for one, like the entire package.

Nick Milne

I find this reasoning unconvincing. If anything, it's the other way around: a zombie attack would likely serve to increase global warming.

Let's assume an outbreak on the scale of that of Max Brooks' World War Z, which, if I recall correctly, saw the eventual death of 5/6ths of the world's population, with (let's say) three quarters of that number having become zombies at some point as a result.

So. 3.75 billion zombies walking around. That is, 3.75 billion corpses. Decomposing corpses. Releasing the gases that are a result of this decomposition. These gases aren't being trapped underground like usual, or negated entirely through cremation, but rather wafted into the atmosphere.

Oh no!


I enjoyed the link, Jimmy. As for you not doing as much apologetics... well, I don't see a lot of the complainers posting URLS to their blogs so we can all read their apologetics. Instead, they post to complain when you do show up. It's kind of like neighbourhood kids who show up when you're barbecuing chicken and complain 'cause you aren't making steak nor offering them a beer, as the case may be.


So global warming will either cause more Zombies or less Zombies? perhaps the Zombie population will just stay the same? Who knows.

Christopher Fair

I think the whole thing is metaphorically true (hehe). At work I am continuously attacked when I express the opinion that global warming is probably not human caused. In case you are wondering, I am an R&D Chemist. I ask them what evidence is there that it is human induced? The common response is that "There is consensus on this in the climatic fields". When I point out that the consensus really isn't as broad as the media and ALGORE has made it sound that it is, they say "well you don't really want to believe it is caused by humans that is why you say this!" They might as well be zombies, they try to eat my brain, and they don't seem willing to think about it themselves.


SDG What would the Latin be for "undead"?

Moribundis = walking dead.

universal law of attraction

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This would be your basic spam. I wonder if the spammer has any idea how silly it sounds, particularly on this thread?


Or maybe it's not a spammer....Maybe it's...a real...Zombie...


And maybe...anyone who goes to that website...gets turned into...the Living Dead...


Thanks, Jimmy. You've been a valuable resource for two posts on my blog in the past week. One post was on the serious threats to our souls, and I referenced your Lent Fight FAQ. The other was on the serious threats to our bodies, and you were a big help again.

David B.


You've been watching too much late night TV, haven't you? :-D


I thought this blog was supposed to be centered on apologetics? Not much use coming here anymore for this kind of material...


I thought this blog was supposed to be centered on apologetics? Not much use coming here anymore for this kind of material...

The Age of Apologetics is over...

...the Age of Zombies is about to begin!

David B.

Ryan, Ryan. We all need to chill out every so often. This just helps.

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