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November 20, 2007


David B.

We Albino Clowns dressed in white have taken over here, Jimmy!


Albino Monks top Albino Clowns any day!

Of course, only the elite of the Romish Papists can be a member of such a group!

David B. Joker

Albino Monks top Albino Clowns any day!


How do you figure? Albino monk/assassins have no money with which to purchase automatice weapons and high explosives (vows of poverty, remember?). We clowns do. Albino monks can only accept those with similar pigmentation, while we clowns allow novices to apply enough makeup to appear like us (later you have to be dipped into a vat of chemicals).

David B.


Already, my albino clowns have far outpaced your albino monks in posting annoying spam on Jimbo's blog. I'll have to tell them to let you catch up.


Brian Day

We Albino Clowns dressed in white have taken over here, Jimmy!

But Albino Clowns/Albino Monks are nothing compared to Cthulhu.


Albino CHIPmonks --- are sounding the alarm and sending all to safety...chip chip chip!


AAACCCKKKKK!!! This Jimmy withdrawal is getting to me!


Mary Kay

This Jimmy withdrawal is getting to me!

'thann, apparently you're not the only one.

Jimmy, it's a good thing you're headed back. Otherwise, I'd have to toss Esau and David in a snowbank.


So how did being disconnected from the Collective feel?

Randolph Carter

Albino monk/assassins have no money with which to purchase automatice weapons and high explosives (vows of poverty, remember?).

Ah, but the albino monks do have the entire collective wealth of the Secret Vatican Treasury, with all its Templar gold, at their disposal; as well as the full might of the Secret Vatican Tactical Strikeforce, the Secret Vatican Biological Weapons Division, and the Secret Vatican Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Corps backing them up.

How will your albino clowns' "automatice" weapons fair against the Vatican Military's high-explosive ordinance? Plus, everyone knows that clowns, while excelling in long-range combat, are helpless at hand-to-hand. Do you think that Buddhist Monks are the only ones who start off with the Touch of Death Feat and +3 to-hit in unarmed melee? Those Shaolin might be able to hold their own against a lot of street-thugs and evil imperial overlords, but they ain't got nothin' on the Jesuits!

( . . . ugh . . . Jimmy withdrawals . . . progressing . . . )

Christopher Y.

Drive safe and happy Thanksgiving.

J.R. Stoodley

The 5th degree Knights of Columbus will destroy all albino monks and clowns as soon as the order comes in from the Vatican. We are the ones that control the rumored armories beneath every Catholic Church (check your anti-Catholic sources on that one. They are clever, those heretics, always uncovering our plots). I anticipate next Tuesday may be the fateful moment.

J.R. Stoodley

(I don't know if you will actually find anything about armories beneath Catholic Churches from modern Anti-Catholics, but it is what my grandmother was taught in Presbyterian Sunday School back in the 30s.

David B. Joker

We clowns, also have madness on our side, not just automatic weapons. We were single-handedly responsible for defeating all other major crimes organizations within Gotham City. The monks have yet to claim similar victories. No one has contradicted my statements about the difficulty of becoming a member of the Albino Monks compared to the ease of initiation into our ranks.

Starting tonight, people will die. I'm a man of my word. Mwahh haw Ha ha ha wah!!!!!!!!


Randolph Carter,

Great to see u postin' once again!

Missed your stories!

By the way, all this talk about the Vatican having all these armaments and secret forces; weren't such details already divulged by that crazy old movie Hudson Hawk with Bruce Willis way back when???

Of course, we know about the Vatican's vast stores of missles!

-- Okay, I meant missals -- bad pun, I know.


We'll expect a picture with a boot toe in it when you return.

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