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November 29, 2007


Ed Peters

Oh WHY oh WHY did you start with with one Tim Jones piece that I DON'T like. Bummer.


It is very beautifully done but it isn't how I picture Mary. Maybe I have been too influenced by other artists, but her face in yours seems too full. Again it is beautiful, just not how I have imagined Mary. Actually, she looks more like how I would picture Mary Mag. without the Sacred Heart of course.
God Bless


I'm very sorry to say this but the first thing I thought of when I saw the face was Hillary Clinton. That is not the face I think of as the Virgin Mary. Sorry, Otherwise I thought the artwork was ok.


Tim J.,

Curious, who did you base Mary's face on?

If not an actual person, what inspired you to picture Mary this way?

Memphis Aggie

I left my comments on your blog, but sadly I'm with Ed


*poke* I've said this once today already, but pretty pretty please make some of your pictures big enough for backgrounds on computers?

And I already left my personal slagging of the Mary picture-- basically, I don't like her eyes, they look a little drunk and mannish, but it does show great skill and has a lot of good in it. I'd actually like her skin a bit more...sun touched? Tannish? And her right hand (the one on the left) looks a bit too manly and set up funny.


Man, I'm a geek, I have an urge to go find a mirror and a towel to see how your arms would have to be set to do that....


Foxfire, I had that same urge. Now maybe I'll actually go do it!

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