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September 10, 2007




Ed Peters

I'm guessing here, but could this be taken outside of the large guest mansion Jimmy maintains for his posh friends, which, I might add, I have never been invited to?


I was going to say Graceland until I read the rest of the post, and since I have an idea of what Steve is referring to, I'm refraining from guessing....


Oh! I know this one! This was taken in the gardens behind the ACLU's annual gala!

Too easy...


That's my back yard... or at least I wish it were.


White House? Wash DC?

Mark Scott Abeln

It looks like Charleston, Missouri.

Sea Lion

It looks like the White House, oustide the West Wing near the Rose Garden.


Dang. I tried to be clever and zoom in on what looks like a back-stage/security pass hanging around you neck, but it was just a pixelated mess at extreme zoom. Man, you gotta get a higher resolution camera :(


Having watched every episode of West Wing, I'm fairly certain you're at the White House.


Looks like the White House Rose Garden:



Where am I and the rest of the Greydanus clan in this picture?

It's a trick question! You asked where you are IN THE PICTURE. You are in the bottom center of the picture wearing the brown blazer slightly behind and to your wife's left. The rest of the Greydanus clan is standing in front of you and slightly to your right and left.

What do I win?


Oh. And the White House is to your back and left.

Mark Scott Abeln

The White House, and not Charleston. I found a photo of the building I was thinking of, and it was very similar!



Bill in Racine

My first thought on seeing it was the White House and seeing the picture that was given in the archives.gov - I'm going to stick with that thought.

It does look like it was taken several years at least prior to the photo of President Bush. The reason I say that is that the evergreen tree in the center of the photo of Pres. Bush (in the background) is a lot taller than the one in the background (half way up on the right - at the end of the porch).

I'm guessing 5-10 years earlier?


Monticello, of course. Looking out towards the slave quarters?

Being Silly

Jack Chick's HQ?

Matheus F. Ticiani

Hello SDG,

I know the place from your mentioning it. By the way, browsing through my RSS feeds, I just saw that Barbara Nicolosi is teasing you about your recent article on Bella. Why didn't you mention the article either on Decent Films or here?

John J. Simmins

The White House, where I'll be on Saturday.


Third planet in the solar system. duh.


Matheus: I wrote the Bella piece for CWR. I didn't know Ignatius had put it online until someone told me. It'll go up at Decent Films sooner or later.

David B.

I've Goerge Bush descend into the area right you a dozen times. It's the White House Rose Garden. Pretty cool, man. I hope you plan on posting a little about your visit to the CIC's home, especially if you met the guy in person!

David B.

Uh, George Bush, that is. ^^

David B.

You can tell that they'll all become movie critics, can't you?


I was going to guess either Monticello or Mount Vernon...


Not Graceland, it's Neverland!


No clue where, but it's spring somewhere...


my inclination is also to guess mt .vernon




I don't know where you're supposed to be (but I'm guessing the White House) - all I know for sure is that that picture looks doctored =P

You should so review the movie Stardust, SDG. It's so deceiving. I went into it thinking it would be a rip off of Narnia and other similar movies, not being aware that the film was rated PG-13, and was just shocked to see that it practically started with a one-night stand. My parents would've taken my younger sisters to it, too, hadn't I warned them. Review it, now u.u








Yep, definitely the White House rose garden. I even spotted the little white building in the background in a picture on this website: http://www.whitehousemuseum.org/grounds/rose-garden.htm

The cherry blossom in the background gives it away.


Well, one thing is for sure - we know Jimmy didn't take the photo because there's no boot!!

Brian John Schuettler

CIA Headquarters in Langston VA, of course.
Congrats on the appoointment, SDG!


I've no idea why the silly thing posted my comment 3 times. I do apologize for the echo...echo...echo.

Dan Hunter

You are either in Jimmys backyard or Andrew Jacksons home:The Hermitage.
Wonderful Family.
God bless y'all


My guess is Virginia!

What is interesting about this?

Posted by someone:

He he.


the lawn at UVA

Gene Branaman

My first thought was Monticello.

And, SDG, you have a lovely family!


It's pretty and it's back east. Beyond that.... no idea!

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