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August 27, 2007



HAHAHAHAHA Oh man! Can't you just stay home with them while mommy goes shopping? Although, I guess if you sent mommy away with a grocery list, she'd come home with ten new pairs of shows ;)

Good luck with the kids and the non-existent kitty.

Mary Kay

Jimmy, thanks for posting this. What a wonderful sense of humor.


LOL, Jimmy!!!!!! ;)


I can relate! You know, I get those comments all the time even though I have only four. I feel that it is my mission for the following to be said (yes, every single time which can sometimes be four times a trip),

"You sure have your hands full, are they all yours?"

"Yes! They are all mine and all my husband's. We have been married for 15 years which is a rare thing these days! And yes my hands are full--full of blessings!"

I say it in the nicest, most cheerful way, when what I really want to do is clobber one of my kids at the same time! (in reality they are pretty good in the store).


She should be writing a syndicated column, not just a blog. (No offense to you many bloggers)


Actually, I've had "cream of onion-ketchup soup" before. It's not bad :) Beats the heck out of shopping with the kids (I have four)


(while I do not support Pokemon...it was very funny)

From her blog:

"Lastly, my friend, who sympathized with me (and perhaps thought she was making an investment as she believes I'll be a published author) won these cards and did, in fact, pay for them. I, however, did not (nor do I intend to) cash her check. C'mon, she's my friend!"


Thanks for the blog! My husband and I were laughing so hard that we were crying and we only have 3 children but the sentiments are the same!!!

It is especially funny since our DS is into pokemon and decides to act out some of the moves in the grocery store and if you can imagine the embarrassment his older sister goes through so she decided to return his "attack" with a crash attack, with the buggy no less! Something about girl drivers....LOL
Thanks Jimmy


"Pokeman", what? !!!

Tim J.

She paid for about half her groceries with the profit from the Pokemon cards.

Cool mom. Industrious and creative. God bless her and her family.


That is exactly why I only do the grocery shopping late at night.

My wife stays home with our seven children and I load a shopping cart like you would not believe. The checkers are always amazed at how much I put on the little conveyor belt (last trip was $330 worth) and they just cannot believe when I actually bag it and get it back into the cart.

I have done the shopping with my seven children but it was not as exciting as the story above but just as challenging.

When we do go shopping as a family and people say "You sure have your hands full!" I respond "Everyday thank God."

Take care and God bless,

John Kennedy

I have four kids and the writers experience doesn't sound so unusual or that bad. My wife has experienced worse, such as a daughter deliberately trying to overturn a cart. Of course, the key is to leave them at home with Dad, but I do sometimes like to go as a family.


Makes sense, then you can get grocery shopping, family bonding, and penance in one convenient stop. ;)


This is hysterical! :)


With all charity, I didn't find this piece funny at all.

I was just torpedoed today by a mini shopping cart when a three-year-old didn't get his cheese doodles or whatever, and decided to have a tantrum.

It's intersting that the author claims, "Yes I do (have my hands full), but it's fun!", while at the same wishing that she were anywhere else but shopping with her kids - like on Fear Factor for instance. So, which one is it? Is it really fun or is it as dreadful as it sounds?

Bottom line is kids HATE shopping. Leave them at home.


Must be convenient always having that option.


Hey I have 8 kids, 7 boys, I live that life. I won't let my kids behave like that in the store, I still love reading about my life online. Everyone, just give your kids a hug tonight before they go to bed, and keep them out of the cereal aisle.


I remember shopping with my dad as a teen and sneaking 'feminine hygene products' into the cart. Dad would grab them out and growl at me about slipping in things that weren't on the list, stare at them a moment, say "oh" and toss them back in the cart. This happened several times, and it was the ONLY thing I ever snuck in the cart, but he didn't seem to catch on.

Heidi, for the record, having a bunch of kids can be very fun, but it isn't a rollicking good time every moment. Grocery shopping is very difficult, but it has to be done, and one can't always avoid taking the kids along. I'm sorry about your ankles - that has happened to me, and I don't let my kids use the mini carts because of that. It's no worse that being accosted by the global warming people out in the parking lot though! At least the 3 year old has the excuse of ignorance on her side.


My wife takes our six kids (oldest =9, youngest = 1) shopping and the older kids bag the groceries. She does not let them get out of control.

The snarky comments about "Are they all yours?" are right on, though.


LOL! I loved it. I have seven children and I could relate. Very cute and funny.

You Know Who You Are

Heidi, you asked..."So, which one is it? Is it really fun or is it as dreadful as it sounds"?
BOTH (but mostly I would say really fun, my Mother and Father both had incredible senses of humor and I think that you have to in order to have so many children. (Or perhaps they learned to have incredible senses of humor after having 9 of us, I don't know.) Some of our favorite memories are of hearing them recount stories of our lives when we were younger, it always made everyone laugh. (them, us and those listening.)
Children really are a great blessing!!

I Know What You Are But What Am I?

Sola Mei,


As my Dad used to say "I wouldn't take a million dollars for any one of you kids, but I wouldn't give a plug nickle for another one just like you".

But how he loved us. Even at the store.


Heh.... My folks only have three, but even mom would get the "are they all yours" question-- to make it worse, we all have a very, very strong family resemblance.

We'd never have acted like the lady describes in the store...but I suspect a *little* bit of writer's art. ;^) (didn't hurt that we were far enough away from a major town that we filled the back of the pickup three times a year as the main shopping experience. Maybe this lady should buy a Costco card.....)

A suggestion for those folks who are actually making replacement, or more: if someone is rude enough to start insisting you're "killing the world" or that the world is already "hugely overpopulated," tell them that your kids will be paying their SS....


My daughter has four children and she told me about the Pokeman story and was laughing so hard that I was charmed at her relating the story even more than the story itself! Now, having read it myself, I think we have another Erma Bombeck here. :-)

Bill Q

As a stay-at-home dad with four kids, I thought I had MY hands full. Somehow being reminded that there are people with even more children is refreshing.

Heidi, you are right that kids don't always like shopping (although my kids do like the free food samples at Trader Joe's) but you CAN'T leave them at home if they're too young. And I completely get where kids are fun but sometimes one playfully wishes he (or she) could sell them.

Honestly, though, it's been years since one of my kids has thrown a temper-tantrum in the store. Except for the 9-month-old, they've all had ample time to learn that A) they aren't getting everything they want and B) throwing a temper tantrum accomplishes nothing.

I thought the article was great and immediately subscribed to the blog.

Bill Q

iClaudius writes:
The snarky comments about "Are they all yours?" are right on, though.

I always want to respond to this line by dropping my jaw and asking, "Why? What have you heard?"

Paul S.

I'm not sure that the "Are they all yours?" comments are as unwarranted as it may seem.

If you go out in public with half a dozen unruly kids and a disgruntled demeanor, it certainly may give the impression that you got stuck shopping with 2 or 3 of your neighbor's kids or maybe nieces or nephews. However something about the age distribution, family resemblance, and how you are yelling at them, make others suspect that they are all yours.

I suspect that large families who go out together and are obviously happy together and displaying Christian love to each other receive this comment less.

Currently I only have two (and one on the way), but I see the same thing. When I go shopping or to Church and I am patient and responsible and my kids are well behaved I get all sorts of "positive" comments about my kids. On the other hand, when I am having a difficult day with them I have received looks and commments to communicate "Are they BOTH yours?". It is reasonable to think that since I have had since their births to their current ages to parent them, that going shopping or to daily mass wouldn't be such a big deal.

Joe Ryan

Just as an FYI: eBay, which owns PayPal, is now on Life Decisions International's list of companies/organizations which support Planned Parenthood.

Jamie Beu

Joe Ryan,

Thanks for the tip - good to know. (Well, maybe not "good", but important to know.)


Paul S. I get that comment regardless of how my children are behaving. (I have six.)

John J. Simmins

I bought my wife a t-shirt that has a list of responses to snarky comments about our (5) kids:

This shirt says "Before you even ask..." Yes, these are all my children and they're awesome!
Yes, we have television; we just don't need it!
No, this is not some sort of daycare; it's 24/7!
Why should we fix it if it's not broke?
Yes, we know where they come from...God.
We had planned on two, my spouse just can't count.
Yes, we've heard of birth control; no birth and no control.
You should enjoy our large family; our kids will be paying your social security.
We didn't plan the first few, why start now?
Are we done!?! We're just getting started!


I ROFL when I read that listing a few days ago. I always shop with my 4 and they're very helpful most of the time ... until they see the Trader Joe's monkey and start *acting* like monkeys and then the crazed mom in me comes out ... ahh, they're my joy *and* my path to virtue.

Love this mama!

Danny Hidalgo

That was awesome! I have two kids, and I feel the same way! I couldnt imagine 6, maybe one day!

Peace and Blessings,


Radical Catholic Mom

I LOVE IT! And I only have one! Thanks for a good laugh!


My mother wanted six when she got married. Eleven months later, I came along, and she immediately revised that desire to three.


Your Trader Joe's has a monkey?! I want a monkey! All we have is an aviator and lots of planes!

We were all pretty quiet kids, and we knew that asking for stuff would do us no good. Ever. The only time we were asked for our opinion at the grocery store was when it was time to pick flavors for our own birthday cake.

Dad was and is responsible for shopping for cereal. This allowed Mom to stay out of the cereal aisle most of the time. :)


Our Trader Joe's has a shark hidden somewhere in the store (seaside theme) and if the kids find it they get a prize from the treasure box by the managers desk. The managers desk is also covered with blank paper with a box of crayons handy so they can color while mom checks out.

This is an AWESOME arrangement as it keeps the kids on a mission while I shop, and keeps them entertained while I check out. Glory be to God for Trader Joes!


What a wonderful read! You started my day with a good laugh. We have 5 kids under the age of 11, and we always get asked, "How many do you plan on having?" (sacastically of course!) My husband has started replying, "we haven't planned on any, yet!" Gets a good look, and quiets them down with their sarcastic comments!


At the risk of violating rulz 1 thru 3 and their respective updates (this post seems to have drifted off topic) I'd like to add something:

I think Trader Joes is brillant. Wish we had them up here in Canada, or at least stores with such creative solutions...

Some other answers to those who ask rude quetions about the size of your family could be:

1. Why would you ask such a personal question?
2. Is it a problem for you?
3. (If you are brave) We haven't achieved perfection yet. Just watch the expressions when you say that! (This also works for those of us who have been blessed with only one or two, and who are asked why we don't have more. i.e. you can claim that you stopped at perfection! :)

Fr Bill P

Thanks for this one. I laughed hardily. Although I think I know what my siblings and I put my poor mother through...I always wondered why she hated grocery shopping :-)

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Great-Great-Great read! I was sad to hear you couldn't actually use the money. Those darn friends. Ha!

I have 5 and don't mind that comment at all. People are generally very pleasant with me and amused with all the children, only 1.5 years apart! But yes, after 4 hours of being in the store (really 4 hours?) I imagine it would get old.

For those of you who say ''I don't let my children misbehave like that in a store...'' If I am not mistaken you don't have 6, so until you do!!! Whew! They breed disaster with each one more that you add. Try it, can't wait to see what happens.

Yes, those mini shopping carts are so cute and so perfect for your little people, but unless each one gets one you are in for it. Grocery shopping with everyone is bad enough, but to have to listen to them fight over the cart and all the screams and squawks from getting ran over on every possible angle, is nearly more than a person can endure-even if you yourself are not the one being ran over! They use it as a weapon.

Too bad we can't just all go back to living in a TeePee. Then we wouldn't have to do this shopping thing.

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