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August 09, 2007



Heh... in the Blooper reel at the end of the program (the remaining 1 minute), the guy in front of the computer yelling "What!?" reminded me of Jim Cramer from Mad Money!

Sifu Jones

This one is a marked improvement over the first episode (the only other one I've seen). Good to see they're getting it together.

Now if they could just make the information a little more . . . informative, they might really have something.

Brian Walden

Now if they could just make the information a little more . . . informative, they might really have something.

I don't think people who frequent Catholic blogs and know their faith are the intended audience of That Catholic Show. It's made for those who don't know much about the Catholic Church and I think it's the perfect type of show for that audience. Fortunately Catholics are embracing new technology as a tool for evangelizing. There are tons of other Catholic podcasts (both audio and video), I'm sure you can find one to suit your needs.


I think Brian Walden is correct in his assessment in that the target audience might more along the lines be for those ignorant of the Faith or perhaps just starting to learn about it.

Personally, I believe that it's geared for the younger audience given how the topics are addressed.

I mean, H2O being called a "creature"?

I like "dihydrogen monoxide" better; however, "creature"?

I guess that's fine when treating the subject on a more "Romper Room"-like level where kids are concerned, but for a more mature audience, this certainly might seem puerile.

Good job -- though!

I'm still impressed with the somewhat professional quality (given what may be a bare-bones budget) of the program and the fact that they have devoted themselves to such a noble endeavor for the greater glory of Christ!


Jimmy -

Thanks for posting episode 7 for us! It's greatly appreciated.

@Esau - You'll have to take up the puerile, Romper Room "creature" comment with Pope Benedict XVI. That line came directly from the Catechism. Paragraph 1218 to be exact.

@Sifu Jones - You crack me up.


Esau: In theological terminology, "creature" refers to anything that isn't God. In modern English we tend to use it just for living things, but that's a very limited usage.

God bless!



I hadn't known that!



LOL, I hope young Catholics and old find this as interesting as we do. Our kids like it, especially the bloopers (the kids trading holy cards was just hilarious...CAN I GET SOME WATER NOW PULEEZ DAD..you meany)
The only thing I thought they were going to mention was during the Mass, the mingling of the water and wine.....maybe that doesn't fit too well.

Good job!


Number 4 is great too. But you would have to appreciate the humor, after the fact, of a picky, whiny child.


You want something a little higher-brow? Check out some of the audio I've linked on my site: Sonitus Sanctus. If you don't find something you don't know there...well...you're not looking hard enough! I have a ridiculous amount of MP3s -- from Steve Ray to Fulton Sheen to Pius XII to Lessons in Latin.

But for those new to the faith, I think that Rosary Army does an excellent job. Remember, most Western Catholics have a 7th grade understanding of their faith (at best).

God Bless,



Very much appreciated! ! !

Not that I'm "high-brow" in any sense of the word or even capable of comprehending most things "high-brow", but I do rather enjoy challenging what my little mind is capable of ;^)


I mean, H2O being called a "creature"?

I like "dihydrogen monoxide" better; however, "creature"?

What, you don't think it's a created thing?


Interesting how a created thing is said to be the source of life and wellspring of all holiness.

Sifu Jones

I know, I'm just a stodgy old intellectual elitist. You young whippersnappers and your interwebs.

I guess my I wish there was something with the orthodox, friendly, small-burst approach that "That Catholic Show" has, but with slightly weightier material.

As it is, these remind me of slightly longer versions of those old "the more you know" public service announcements they used to play on TV, only Catholic. Other than Jimmy Akin, I've not been able to find much Catholic material that hits that sweet spot between too light and too heavy, that I can spend "just the right amount of time" looking at during a workday.

I'm sure "That Catholic Show" will find an ever larger audience. I'm just not sure it's me.


I love That Catholic Show. While I am familiar with most (if not all) of the material they present, it never hurts to be entertained with a bit of simple Catholic teaching, does it? It serves to reinforce.

Also, I am the Confirmation sponsor for a 15-year-old. I've played TCS for her as conversation-starters when we meet one-on-one. The 5-minute (give or take) video is just enough to start a more in-depth discussion.


RE: Troy's comment - Interesting how a created thing is said to be the source of life and wellspring of all holiness.

The created things, here water - is not "in and of itself" the source of life and wellspring of all holiness but rather points to it = God. For example, Francis of Assisi used the word creature (Canticle of the Creatures)to include the following: sun, moon, stars, wind, WATER, fire, and earth. According to Regis Armstrong, ofm cap "...these are references to the Spirit. Each of the "creatures" presents a reflection in itself of the triune presence, thus pointing beyond itself to the power, wisdom, and goodness of God."


The pace and format of this show reminds me a little of the Standard Deviant productions on PBS, which are so popular among 12- to 15-year-olds. However, the SD shows tend to cram too much information into a short time, so they only work well as a refresher. I like that the "Catholic Show" covers just a single topic and links the commentary to a few images. Great pneumatic device.

A Non

I just wish they didn't have a book which said "Don't Drink the Holy Water" in it. I mean, WE DRINK the Holy Water where I come from.

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