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August 03, 2007



Good news. Hopefully the sign will encourage more women to keep their children even if they are facing opposition from their family.


Chalk one more up for the good guys.

Uncle Joe

I remember a counsellor (who was not totally against abortion) telling me that, in her experience, she had seen many many more cases where there was family pressure to terminate than to give birth - even amongst ostensibly devout Catholic families.

There was a lot of pressure to 'do the sensible thing and not ruin your life'.

Those who genuinely support 'the right to choose' would support choices other than abortion - wouldn't they?

Tim J.

Awright! Chalk one up for my adopted home state!

Arkansas is often perceived as being backward, and for a lot of us Arkansawyers, we don't mind that perception at all. Being backward CAN have its advantages, especially when "forward" means "over a cliff".

That reputation also makes some people hesitate to move here, which is also fine. So, for the record, I want to confirm the idea that everyone in Arkansas looks just like those guys in Deliverance. We really do.

This is a good law. A small law, but a good one. Truthfully, of course, I don't see it making any dramatic reduction in abortions, though it may save a few lives. Women will still be pressured to abort, even if they are not "forced".

From what I hear, some abortion clinics all but force some of their patients through the process ("Oh, quit crying! It's for the best."), so maybe the sign will give a few girls the gumption to resist... maybe punch someone in the nose.

Smoky Mountain Demopublican

Tim J,

In which direction was Bill Clinton moving?




I remember way back a guy from Arkansas called into the Rush Limbaugh show to defend their having elected him governor. He said "I know he ain't worth a warm bucket of spit, but you should a seen what run against him!" I've liked you 'deliverance' types ever since. :) Three cheers for Arkansas!

Tim J.

Look where President Clinton ended up. He's like a carpet bagger in reverse.

I'm afraid, when he originally announced for the Presidential run, he misunderstood a number of people in the crowd who were shouting "Go Bill!!".

It was actually, "Go, Bill... (please?)".


It was actually, "Go, Bill... (please?)".

Bill & his Cigar -- go figure!


As a Catholic I want to mention a pro-life educational organization that is making a remarkable impact (the Life Training Institute). Although Scott is Protestant, he is passionately dedicated to working with Catholics and other social conservatives. Fr. Frank Pavone writes, “I have studied Scott’s materials and can assert with full confidence that he is among the best pro-life presenters…” This is Scott Klusendorf’s blog http://lti-blog.blogspot.com/ the page for the educational organization http://prolifetraining.com/ this is the pro-life training page http://www.caseforlife.com/ I love his 5-Minute Pro-Lifer article, for example, http://prolifetraining.com/Articles/FiveMinute1.htm LTI educates thousands of people a year on the pro-life issue. Because his organization systematicaly trains people with the best pro-life arguments, it is successfully training many people that can persuasively teach others that the abortion holocaust should be stopped. LTI simplifies the abortion issue better than any other (they also use graphic visuals in a wise way). Thanks for information about the pro-life efforts in Arkansas, Jimmy.


This is exactly what happened to me when I got pregnant...both my mom & my partner decided killing the baby was 'the only option'. I've never stopped grieving her loss & never ever will. Anything we can do to empower women to just say no to that kind of pressure is a giant step forward for women & their babies.


Pro-choicer here. Fine with me.

Marty Helgesen

I checked and found that the bill passed in the state senate 35-0 but in the house 69-20. I wonder if any of the 20 gave a reason for opposing a woman's right to choose.


I think it's an excellent idea.

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