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July 13, 2007



I think that 2nd photo is really Davey Jones.

re: Samson - they have his weight as 19 stones. Can someonta tell me what a stone is, or do I have to actually look it up myself? ;)

John J. Simmins

All signs of the Apocalypse.


Ah..... Photoshop!

What can't you do with it??

Cajun Nick

I love seeing photos like the one of the mushroom; however, I've seen so many VERY REAL-looking-but-photoshopped photos circulating the internet, that I automatically distrust them.


There's a fungus among us!


the shadow across the mushroom holder's face doesn't seem to mesh up with the shroom.


If its a Shitake...he's rich!


A giant black hound. . .



I believe that a stone is 14 lbs, and they have Samson at 19 stones, 10 lbs, which, by my math, equates to 276 lbs.


Shadow on his face looks right to me. What do you think doesn't mesh up?

Katherine Therese

Elwood isn't nearly as ugly as the old champ, Sam. +RIP Sam!


People seeing a conspiracy behind everything only leads to crap like the Da Vinci Code getting sold.


Is it just me or does the Elwood dog look like "Stripe" from the Gremlins movie?

Stripe from Gremlins

Tom P

That is one UGLY dog!


You get any Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, or even a Scottish Deerhound, Saluki, or Borzoi (or fair sized mixed breed version thereof), and you're going to have a dog that can stand 6 feet or more tall on its hind legs.

It's the height of the dog as it stands normally that's impressive. Looks very mastiff-y.


He looks like Yoda. Elwood, ugly you are!

A Simple Sinner

I believe Chinese Crested Dogs to be the goofiest looking dogs out there. To be named the ugliest of the ugly, is no small honor. The competition is stiff.

Congrats, Elwood, congrats.


What I meant to mention is that dogs are normally measured from the bottom of the paw to the _shoulder_, just as horses are measured from the bottom of the hoof to the withers. The neck and head don't really count.

So the measurement from paw to head given in the photo isn't very useful for comparison to other dogs.


Giant dogs, mushrooms, and squid? Nah... is big news!


All signs of the Apocalypse.

May be not the Apocalypse, and maybe not these animals, but there are plenty of signs that God won't stand for much more of this sinful world.
God is the same God who brought the Great Flood and destroyed Sodom. His Mercy is greater showed after Redemption, but our sins are greater and more offensive to God because of it as well.
Apostasy is worst than being born a pagan.


Anon: Remember, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-2

Concerning times and seasons, brothers, you have no need for anything to be written to you. For you yourselves know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief at night.

Also, get a handle.



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Chris Miller

Love your big black dog.

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