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July 10, 2007


A Simple Sinner

My phone mostly just makes phone calls....

And little else. (The alarm capacity no longer works on it - I had to break down and buy a $5.00 alarm clock at walmart.

Pictures? Nah.

Capacity for fancy ring tones? I have four factory installed choices?

Play music? If I can include ring tones, I have four factory installed choices...

I am so unhip... (sigh!)

Brian Day

I am glad you are pleased with it so far. It will be interesting to see how the battery holds out. Keep us posted on that portion.

I've got an internet-capable phone, but there isn't a compelling enough reason to subscribe. Unless I'm traveling (very infrequent), I'm never more than an hour away from internet access. I spend a lot of time online, but I'm not that addicted. :-)


Pretty cool!

Some Day

Good stuff.

I can't go into buying all these new stuff.

Poverty (the embraced one and the economical reality), and I reall don't need it.
But you really can do a bit with these.

Just don't admire the machines too much.

Its typical industrial country defect.

Kjetil Kringlebotten

Yes, wicked awesome indeed!

I don't have one myself, it's a bit expensive, but I love the manufacturer. For a computer, I use ab iBook G4. So, maybe I should get an iPhone too.

Paul H

I'm impressed that you could type such a long blog post from a phone! I have found text entry on cell phones to be painstaking and clumsy. I guess that they must have found some way to make it easier.

ironic. My my mechanic loaned me his iPhone while he fixes my car. (eek, the bill!) I find the typing very hard. beautifl machine


I love my Treo. I still need to learn how to moblog with it, but the deficiencies are all mine.


Jimmy Akin,

I wished you waited awhile until most of the kinks were worked out.

Also, it was said that the 2nd version of the iPhone might be released before the end of the year, as some relatively recent patents from Apple reveal based on some Business News from yesterday.

Though, I can certainly understand where you're coming from. Sometimes, you can't help be an early adopter!

Tim J.

I'm really a lover of low-tech, but I can appreciate Jimmy's response to the iPhone's easy interface... it's the particular genius that Apple has brought to personal electronics from the beginning. They just design things the way they ought to be designed.

That's why so many artists use Macs... even we right-brainers can get the results we want without being made to jump through hoops.

Wonder how long it will take Microsoft to crank out a knock-off?

Bill H

I've had a Treo with Palm OS for a couple months now. I don't use it for mp3s, so I can't speak to that, but I've been very happy with its internet capabilities.


Tim J. - Microsoft has already create a knock-off. It just doesn't fit in your pocket and costs $5000 - $10000.



I think the tabletop multi-touch is a slightly different market than an Iphone, Tommy. :)


I've used a Palm PDA for years so when I had a chance I bought a Treo so I could stay with the OS I was used to. Was I ever disappointed! Not in the way it functioned as it worked as well as any Palm or cell phone I've ever had, but I was disappointed as it's so fragile. A straight drop of two feet, in a protective case, resulted in a broken Treo and the option of buying a new phone or paying $300 for a repair. I'm using a Nokia now, but I miss my PDA/Phone blend. That's why I got it - so I wouldn't have to carry both. I'm in Canada, so our good Lord alone knows when we'll get the iPhone here. Perhaps a Blackberry...

Fr. Larry Gearhart

Blogging from my Treo is something I haven't tried yet, although I have used my Treo as a tether to blog from my laptop at the corner restaurant. Does that count?

Matthew Siekierski

My Cingular (now AT&T) 8525 running Windows Mobile 5.0 works well for me. Slides open to reveal a nice-sized keyboard (for a phone), browses the web, takes pictures, receives e-mail (Push-based, with Exchange Server 2003 SP2), does windows, cooks, and plays a mean game of cribbage. (Well, most of that is true :D)

The web browser could use some work, but there are alternatives out there. Being as much of a geek as I am, I want the ability to add a bunch of program to my PDA, improve on the basic package with customization. Small applications that help me work but weren't included originally can be added to Palm and Windows Mobile phones, and Apple seems to be locking that option out for now.

I haven't blogged from my phone yet, but have commented a few places from it.

Hopefully Apple will improve things with the next version, and open it up a bit for additional programs. I can understand their hesitation, though...Microsoft has a 7+ year head start on the phone OS (especially since it's based on WinCE), and everyone expects to have to reset Windows systems regularly.


Welcome to Apply Jimmy. Everything just... works.


I'll be getting an iPhone when my current contract expires in August. One question I haven't seen answered (maybe I'm looking in all the wrong places): I have an iPod which I do not intend to abandon, and a huge music library. I know I need to sync with iTunes to activate my iPhone, and I'd like to import SOME of my music library. How do I do that without importing the entire library (which wouldn't fit anyway)?

Thanks for your updates on the iPhone -- Another early adapter is blogging about his experiences in the Detroit Free Press, and he has only good things to say, too.



Nevermind -- I found the info I needed in a recent article in Macworld: http://www.macworld.com/weblogs/macword/2007/07/iphonesync/index.php (sorry, can't remember whether to use HTML or BBCode to use to make that a clickable link).

I was on vacation last week with no Internet connection -- the iPhone would have been a lifesaver a couple of times. OK, not actually a LIFESAVER, but it would have helped out in two or three sticky situations.


Mantra Mali

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Big $pender

I bought two iPhones. On for myself and one for my wife. No doubt it's a cool gadget, but I've got my regrets. For one thing, the way that it smudges up really bugs me. At least they included that little black rag to wipe it--if only it would work! I'm still having trouble with the keyboard. In a year or so--if I can go that long without breaking it--I might be able to type with my thumbs without looking.

The fact that it has a glass screen kind of scares me. The owners manual says "Do not drop..." Also I'm concerned about getting it wet, say if I get caught in a thunderstorm on the way to the car. Also what about its 113f temperature maximum. I can't leave it in the glove box when I go to the beach I guess.

When I made my purchase I wasn't aware that I was still under contract with Verizon for another two months. I guess they renewed my contract when they accidently deactivated my wife's phone and had to give me another one free. At least it's only two months that I'll be paying both AT&T (the former SWBell--they're not the only phone company, but they act like it) and Verizon. Still that beats what Verizon would charge me to get out of my contract. I suppose I could have just waited for the Verizon contract to end before activing the iPhones, but that's no fun. My dad was right: hate is a horrible thing but if you have to hate someone, hate the phone company.

The bottom line is I'll be surprised if I don't break my iPhone before my contract with AT&T ends. The wake-up button worries me most. It just seems flimsy. Nevertheless, I've enjoyed my iPhone. It's a great toy, but for practicality go with something else. If you're like me you'll miss pushing the button on the RAZR and saying "call home." I'll also miss my $69 thousand minute plan that I had for 9 years, but what the hay...I'm a big $pender.

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