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June 18, 2007



Yes, 6 months in the slammer seems like a just punishment for someone who wears baggy pants. Now, what should the punishment be for someone who wears a cowboy hat who isn't actually a cowboy?

Alex Benziger.G

If anybody wears baggy pants or saggy pants is to be punished with just penalty, the same yardstick should be applied the female also. Why the discrepancy?. Alas ! now the world is against Gents.


I am not an expert but I believe the fad of wearing pants below the waiste line originated in american jail culture -- on accout of belts being removed before imprisonment to prevent using a belt in murder or suicide while in jail.

The fad comes from kids (teens to 30year olds) idealizing the jail culture thanks to MTv, HBO series etc.. hyping it so much.

I hate to see manners/common sense being legally enforced. I would rather see the executive producers and CEOs at MTV and HBO go to jail for crimes against humanity. :)

Cajun Nick

Most of the people in South Louisiana who've formally registered an opinion on the matter overwhelmingly support the law. The poll in the local newspaper (of nearly 800 respondants) shows a 78% approval rating for the law.

However, most people also don't think that it will be enforced to stringently; nor that it would pass constitutional muster.

Jimmy, BTW, that should be Geaux Cajuns! :)

Ed Peters

Jail time?....JAIL TIME?...for baggy pants? C'mon.

John J. Simmins

The penalty for wearing a cowboy hat without being a cowboy should be less than half the penalty of wearing a Greek fisherman's hat without being a Greek fisherman.

Anna H.

It's not that they're wearing baggy pants, it's that their crack is showing. And yes, a person should get in trouble somehow for showing their butt crack in public. I was grocery shopping and there was this guy standing in line, leaning over his cart, with several inches of his crack showing. It was repulsive. Then there was my neighbor, working on his car in the street, showing his crack to the neighborhood. My other neighbors were upset their daughter might see.

Marcel LeJeune

Geaux Cajuns.
I see my brothers and sisters in Louisiana are getting it right.

Grandma Moses

My other neighbors were upset their daughter might see.

Heaven forbid!


This is just nonsense. Jail time, a $500 fine, for wearing your pants low? For having your crack show? I foresee a plumbers march on Baton Rouge in the near future.

Seriously, if they want to affect change in their communities - particularly amongst youth - make the fines associated with failing to attend school.

But this law is rubbish and without a doubt a violation of the first amendment even in the narrowest interpretation.


Huh? Requiring people to cover their cracks is a violation of their freedom of speech/religion? I don't stink so.

Bill Q

Sigh. What would Thomas Jefferson have said if he knew that the country whose independence he so boldly declared would one day be a place where a gangsta wudn't free to show da junk in da trunk. Oh, well. No one aksed Jefferson anyway.


Sounds like an indecent exposure law to me. I don't see a problem with it.


Maybe duct tape would help.

Old Zhou

When it comes to insufficient coverage, I think the women still lead.

I find it most distracting when the young women around me in church dress so that the several top inches of their thong underwear are visible when they are seated in the pew.

And as far as "cracks" are concerned, I see a lot more crack, cleft, cleavage or whatever you wish to call the resulting anatomical features from low cut blouses of women in church than from anyone's behind.


My word, that's an inordinately harsh thing to do to someone, who may, or may not, be poor, due to fashion sense. As far as the butt crack thing goes, some of us men have the unfortunate no butt disease in which no matter how we belt, the crack cometh forth at the slightest bend. Robbing our rent money because you dislike butt crack seems unjust and unfair.


As Jarnor's wife, I can attest to his "no butt syndrome." ;)

Brandon Walker

YO YO YO, food lion is butta.

Brandon Walker

UH huh. There is no way anyone cares that much. Yall ARE DOODIE HEADS

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