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June 05, 2007



I'm betting really, really bad.


Ben Stiller + Disney. I vote with Monica.

Tom Simon

Actually, there's a very good chance that it won't be really, really bad . . . because it may suffer the fate of 99% of all optioned scripts and never actually make it to the screen. One can only hope so.

Another Tim

Tom, hope springs eternal. But if it does make the big screen, my money is on atrocious.


DJ, please read the original article again - Ben Stiller has nothing to do with this. He is producing a picture for Dreamworks by the same writers, and isn't associated with All About Adam (in fact, no one is yet - Disney just purchased rights to a spec screenplay).

Matthew S

Kyrie Eleison
Christe Eleison
Kyerie Eleison


Hollywood in general and Disney in particular has no grasp whatsoever of anything vauguely religious or spiritual except as a backdrop to the theme of "dream your dream" and you'll succeed.

Anything they might do about Adam and Eve will be a sad, sad movie.

Ed Peters

Can anything good come from Disney?

Brian Day


Yes, at least indirectly. All three of my children have, or are, worked(ing) at Disneyland. They have benefited from gaining work experience and have enjoyed having some spending money.

Brian Day

Ed, (part II)

Yes, I realized that was a rhetorical question. :)


They should re-release the old Paulist Insights film with Walter Matthau and Carol Burnett playing Adam & Eve after the Fall. Anyone but me old and nerdy enough to remember it?


Can anything good come from Disney?

One film says it all:

Disney's "The Chronicles of Narnia -- The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe!"

That would've been a great film if Disney hadn't played so fast and loose with much of the C.S. Lewis book.

For example, if I recall correctly (the last I read the book was in elementary school), there was actually a "Way of the Cross" depiction in that novel with Aslan (the allegorical figure for Jesus) as he went up to sacrifice himself on the stone altar for the salvation of the inhabitants of that world.


There was a "Way of the Cross" depiction in the movie, too, Esau. The movie could have been better(it portrayed the White Witch as less fearful of Aslan, especially during their meeting, than the book did), but it was pretty faithful to the book.



From what I recall, in the Disney movie version, there wasn't quite elaborate a passion narrative as profoundly depicted in the CS Lewis book. Of course, that's only if memory serves and sometimes it can happen to err -- especially since, as I've mentioned, I've not handled the book since elementary, which is quite some time.


Esau, read it again. It's worth the time, and you can whip through it in no time. You'll be glad you did!


All the Narnia books are worth re-reading as an adult. They are chock-full of theological meat that flew right over my head the first time I loved them as a kid...

Mr Flapatap

A rather liberal relative who worked at Disney complained to us one day about how the company pushed the gay agenda on the employees.

I can see how they will portray the misunderstood serpent who helped liberate mankind from God's "arbitrary" laws....


"meat that flew right over my head "

That happened to me just last night at dinner.


It will most probably be atrociously bad, but I don't think that it has *that* much of a chance of actually being produced. I don't think Disney will want to offend Christian groups in such an open manner, mostly because it would stain their 'family friendly' image, besides, Adam and Eve are not PC... unless they're black. :)

Then again, after seeing how badly they ruined "Pirates of the Caribbean" in the latest (and hopefully final) chapter of the trilogy, I think Disney is capable of doing practically anything, no matter how low or disgusting it might be, in order to get a few bucks, so who knows. Lord have mercy...

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