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May 24, 2007


Mary Kay

Yay, Jimmy's back!

Tim J.

Yay, Jimmy's front!


Yay, Jimmy's....side?


Reading these comments is like listening to the play by play on Jimmy's square dancing.


Thanks Jimmy! Since I travel almost every week, this will come in handy. The only questions I have is why there's not a permanent red spot over Pittsburgh. That place seems to have speed bumps installed all around the airport!


don't you wish your legs were retractable?


Is it just me or does "Turbulation Forecast" sound like the title of a Left Behind novel?

Ed Peters

everybody talks about turbulence, but nobody does anything about it



I think you've confused it with "Flatulence Forecast."


Ed Peters, I got a good chuckle out of that one.


There is also a site that lets you track a plane if you have a friend who is a pilot. www.flightaware.com allows you to enter in the number of the plane and see where it is currently.

My brother flies and his wife uses it to track his progress home.


Well, Jimmy I would give that leg of your's some rest. For your next trip you might want to think of another way to make your photos unique---like sticking out your finger instead?

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