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May 20, 2007



Honest charlatans.


Talk about truth in advertising...


Where's your boot?


If my shop was there my sign would say:


GUARANTEED... with certificates proving the high quality of fakeness!


Aha! No boot! It's a fake Jimmy photo! So who really posted this?

John E

I prefer to shop at the Fake Genuine Watches store myself.

Ed Peters

Yeah, looks like Jimmy bought this from a post-card rack, and is passing it off as his own. Sort of a double entendre thing.

Does remind me, tho, of a shot in the uncut Blues Brothers movie, a sign outside a street vendor's place says "We cheat you fair."


I enjoyed Turkey when I went there. Good food, kind people, and the dollar went far when I was there. It was VERY hot when I was there. The Hagia Sophia was beautiful. Antioch was interesting. Pamukkale was very interesting. Bodrum was a lot of fun (before I was fully brought back in the faith). Lots of history, lots of religion (although most living Christians are gone)

When I was in Ephesus it was interesting that
1. There were a lot of French pilgrims singing.
2. I did not know that there were verses in the Koran about Mary that were written in the chapel in the home and that some Muslim women come to venerate her there.

I am not sure if the house at Ephesus is Holy Tradition or historical fact--didn't some saint (Catherine of Emmerich?) identify the location in Turkey?

Is it that St. John the Beloved took Mary to Ephesus to live there until she "fell asleep" (the Dormition?) and her home was there? Isn't there another tradition that her home came to Loretto Italy miracously? (although that one sounds a little more mythological although through God all things are possible)

As a side note wasn't Pope John XXIII (23?) the papal pro nuncio (ambassador?) to Istanbul(really Constantinople)? (or am I thinking of someone else?)
(Angelo Roncalli?)--forgive my history
Didn't he help save a lot of Jewish lives in WWII?

If anyone has the time and money to visit Turkey I would highly recommend it.


May Our Lady of Ephesus, the Blesse Virgin Mary, the Theotokos PRAY FOR US (all of us)
and especially PRAY for Jimmy Akin and all pilgrims to keep them safe and Bless them


Of course there were those 3 Christian guys who were just tortured and killed there simply for being involved in a Christian publishing operation. That's sort of a disincentive for me to go...


"Genuine Fake Watches", brought to you by Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.


Rome mozarella balls are great
wine with lunch

Turkey the Iskendur Kebab
the yogurt on the meat
lokmanjune (phonetic)

small breakfasts
but real nice size lunch with pasta always and wine

forget about your diet
We are Catholics (thus don't believe in reincarnation) and thus you only live once!
related to food (not morality): Carpe Diem

although certainly generally:
Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam


Do those "genuine fake watches" come with a certificate of Fakethenticity? :)


"Genuine Fake Watches"

Talk about a contradiction in terms!

Is there any place in the world that don't sell knockoffs these days?



While you're there, remember to buy all of us dem fake Rolex watches as a souvenir! ;^)


I don’t want to wait till the end of Summer :( , I want it now. Who with me?
save your time http://BustyBoots.info/?p=24> and join me. ;)

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