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May 08, 2007



St. Peter's Square, Vatican City!

Tim J.



Wow Jimmy, nice back yard..

Did I get it right?


Heh. Am envious


Yeesh! Celebrity apologists - what's next? ;-)

John F. Kennedy

Thank the Lord, that he has given you the opportunity to help people world wide.

John F. Kennedy

Oh yeah, I forgot. Nice boot. See if you can get a nice Italian pair.


Italians don't make boots that big!

Enjoy the trip Jimmy! I hope you're not bothering with your diet while you're there. 'Low carb' and 'Italy' don't really mix.

Tim J.

The boot! How did I miss the boot?!

Oh, that's great...

John J. Simmins

You're somewhere in Indiana, right off an old US route, where some guy has a scale model of all of Europe built entirely from Lego's.


Earth, of course.


Howdy? Must of been a Texas seminarian.


Rather he was trying to speak "Jimmy"


I've had similar experience. I work with a lot of youth throughout our diocese; thousands of kids a year for the past 8 or 9 years. When I was in Cologne for World Youth Day, I lost count of the number of kids who came up to me remembering me from the retreats I've led. It's an odd feeling when you're halfway across the world and total strangers know who you are. :-)

Jim Cork

I wonder if it was my good friend Vincent Arong (yes, he's from Texas). We first met in Japan 8 years ago.


I would guess that picking out Jimmy at St. Peters isn't exactly as hard as finding Waldo in those books. How many red-headed cowboys are in the square at any given time? Although, it might be harder tomorrow with the costumed people the general audience attracts.


Okay, where's Jimmy????

Fr. Erik Richtsteig

Jimmy, I could be worse. You could be standing with the Holy Father and have someone ask, "Who is the guy in white with Jimmy Akin?"


Hmmm, there's a dome and there's an obelisk. I know! Jimmy is in Washington DC!!! :)


I'm so jealous! I hope you're having a wonderful time so far. :)


Not to seem a drag, but whatever happened to the much talked-about photos that people kept gabbing about in the other thread?

You know, Jimmy with the "Girls Gone Mild"?

Are we going to see those anytime soon?

Steve Ray

Jimmy's not really here, he got those pictures off the internet! Actually, you can see his picture use this weblink

Randolph Carter

Where are you? Um . . . Earth Alpha? The Fortress of Solitude? Ancient Rome? Centauri Prime? Irem, the City of Pillars? So many possibilities . . .

Seriously, though, Mr. Akin, this one's a no brainer. I mean, even I recognised this one from the first photo, the second not required.

It's that one place. With that one guy. Who runs the church. You know who I mean. That one city . . . state . . . city-state. Built on old swamp land. Where they keep the legions of albino assassins. And the Spanish Inquisition. And lots of red songbirds / baseball teams.

The name of this place will come to me any minute now . . .

A Catholic Mama

"... it's a bit of an unusual feeling when you're walking down a sidewalk where I am now and a young seminarian in his clericals passes you and says, 'Howdy, Mr. Akin!'"

Well, duh! It was the cowboy hat that gave you away!


Years ago, my mom traveled to Israel. While standing in one of the various tourist-type areas, she ran into a woman she knew in high school! What are the odds?

It truly IS a small world, isn't it?

One day, I hope to see this with my own eyes.

God bless!


Jimmy's not really here, he got those pictures off the internet! Actually, you can see his picture use this weblink

Thanks Steve!!!

By the way, where's Jimmy in it????


Amber, similar to your mom's story, I ran into one of my college professors in Venice. It was kind of awkward. I think he recognized me because of I happened to be wearing a Clarkson Alumni shirt that day, but couldn't really remember who I was.

BTW: Here's my best picture from St. Peter's Square (well technically my wife's, she took it).



What did you say???

He recognized you because you were wearing a Kelly Clarkson shirt????


No, Clarkson University. Real small school in Upstate NY. Almost in Canada. We got a D-1 Hockey team, that's about it.

John J. Simmins

Brian: I went to Alfred University. I think we played Clarkson in football or lacross or something.


I looked at Alfred, I don't remember much about the school but I think I liked the campus. I don't mean to date you, but if it was football it was a long time ago. Clarkson hasn't had a football team in decades.


I was there just a few weeks ago!! It's St. Peter's! We stayed out late a couple nights and wathed the papal apartment windows. Both nights we saw our Holy Father come to the window and close it, then we saw the light go out. There's nothing in Rome more beautiful than that.

Except maybe St. Paul-Outside-the-Walls.


Cool picture, Jimmy, but um, I don't think it was nice of you to kick that guy, just so that you could get a better picture!!

Have a safe trip!


Hey Brian, I'm a Clarkson alum, 1993. Let's go tech!

Justin West

Mars. Definitely Mars. I've been three times.

Don't go to Crazy Al-Farabbi's House of Falafal, because the prices are too high for too little falafal...

Justin West

...It's next to Pavonis Mons...


A friend of mine went with her husband trekking in Peru. One day when they had struggled to get to the top of a mountain she heard from above her, "Hi Mrs ....". It was a friend of her son from Melbourne Australia.


It was a boot!! I thought it was a backpack! No wonder I am no good at those hidden objects games. lol


Jimmy was trying to photograph the UFO which has been reported flying over the Vatican.


How much you want to bet the seminarian was an Ag? Whoop for St. Mary's!!!


Maybe the seminarian himself was from the Spanish Inquisition, because you totally didn't expect that. :))) (sorry, couldn't resist a Monty Python reference...)

J.R. Stoodley


If you were asking where is Jimmy in those pictures, he hasn't done it in a while but usually when Jimmy travels he takes all the pictures with one boot of his at the bottom. That's why he is never in them personally.

Either that or the whole boot thing is part a ploy to make us think he is traveling all over the place when really he has no life and never leaves home. Or perhaps he isn't even a real person but rather a subcommitty of Catholic Answers.


Clearly this picture was taken in Kansas. That's where the true pope lives, remember?


Hi Mike, I'm class of '03. It's always nice to meet another Techer.


Announcer: And now, on Catholic Etern-tainment Tonight, Celebrity Catholic Aplogists.

Camera pans to a bunch of modestly dressed Catholic women, holding autograph books, mobbing Jimmy Akin, asking him for an autograph.

Announcer: Is this a new trend in celebrities, we'll investigate right after these messages?

*commercial break*


R. Chavez

Dodger Stadium?


As anyone who browses Wikipedia knows, the "true" popes live in Kansas, Washington state, Australia, Canada....

Seeing the evidence... I am forced to conclude that Jimmy Akin quad-locates!

David B.

Jimmy's not really here, he got those pictures off the internet!

Ahh! You pulled an Eddy Brock on us, huh Jimbo?!

David B.

I wonder what Italians thought when they saw a 6-foot+ tall cowboy balancing his leg in the air like a ballarina! :-)(unless you took your boot off. But I thought that you needed shoes to set foot in St. Peters)

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