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May 19, 2007



He's the same penguin as before, but has met with a ghastly accident and lost his flippers? It would explain why he's droopier. It's depression.

Seriously, I don't know either! LOL!

Fr Martin Fox

It's a rare, albino, armless emu.

Mary Kay

Fr. Martin, that's an armless albino emu assassin ;)

The Flatland guess sounds like a good one.

But to me, it looks like an 8 year old who's pulled a sleeping bag over his head.

American Phoenix

Looks like a squid to me.


Could be a depressed Wizbit. With no arms.



Sadly, it's an old lady with osteoporosis.

Or maybe Lot's wife?


clearly it's a goeduck! I had a toy like that when I was a child only it had longer legs and was polka dotted.


Looks like someone's been listening to "Down in Albion" again. You can google it, but take the warning about explicit lyrics seriously and don't scroll down to look at them.


A seal?



Michael  Sullivan

For some reason I find these very unpleasant to look at.

Jeff Miller

First step in the evolution of a Pizza wedge.


The Wicked Witch of the East after Dorothy dumped a house on her.


a white fantod?


It's Jimmy's boot.

Brett Cooper

It's just a bill. Yes, it's only a bill. Sittin' up on Capitol Hill.


Whatever it is, it needs to be "Tide-id" with whitener and softener included.


By Golly!!... It's ..NELLIE!!!
How on earth did she ever escape from the Loch??!
Someone contact Scotland Yard!

..but she's a bit smaller than all those former pictures make her out to be.


... looks like she likes HBO!...and her Sealy mattress!


I think A. Williams got it right, although I think he meant NeSSie, not NeLLie




Give ol' NeSSie some popcorn anyway!!


Nessie is from Loch Ness. Nellie is his Mediterranean cruising pal.

JP Benjamin

thats a sloth.


Klansman in an oversized hood?


Gandalf's winter wizard's hat. Note the ear flaps.

It came from Little Tortilla Boy. (Pablo Francisco)


Polar bear with both paws tied behind his back?


I think American Phoenix was onto something with the Squid.

Eric G.

It's clearly a phallic symbol.



Patrick Star

Bret Ramsey

It's a seal... you might want to feed it some fish... it looks like it needs some food.

Dr. Eric

A Night Cap for you to wear, Jimmy?


It's the Crumple-horned Snorkak!!!
Luna was right!!!

Justin West

It's a sad isosceles triangle trampling on two smaller isosceles triangle to make it feel bett about being merely an isosceles triangle and not an equalateral triangle like his more successful brother...


If its not NeSSie, which I'm almost sure it is....then it's a Masonic burrito(without the guacamole).

..and I wouldn't take a bite out of it.

And keep an eye on the crew members that might have placed it there! Maybe Jack Chick stowed away somewhere on ship and is trying to take some revenge for all the photos of him published on this blog?


Looks like a goose getting ready to "goose" you!


that's a polar bear, friends, sitting on its haunches


I think it's a sloth, too.


It looks like your ship has ventured too close to Halloween Town, and you've now infested by Oogie Boogie babies. If you can get a deckhand to play a Danny Elfman soundtrack (an Oingo Boingo album will do, in a pinch) on a boombox, you might be able to Pied Piper the burlap horde overboard. Otherwise, as quoth the scribe:

It's hopeless, you're finished
You haven't got a prayer
'Cause I'm Mr. Oogie Boogie
And you ain't going nowhere . . .

Gene Branaman

"Masonic burrito"?

Would that be the villain in the next Dan Brown novel?




How 'bout a Penguin?


it looks like an attempt to get a larger gratuity to me


It's David the Gnome!

David B.

It's a Flamingo. Or a Pelican.

David B.


Do people bust into your cabin every night and shape the towels into creatures?

I wouldn't want to meet those guys.


It's a Flamingo. Or a Pelican.

Maybe it's a pelican in her piety. See how the beak is bent down toward her chest. It's a very fitting towel animal for a Catholic cruise.


3 triangles of crescent roll dough smashed together

My Cat's Name is Lily

Banana slug.


It's a condom.

Kathie Marshall

Come on everyone, can't you see that it uses the pillow as the rest of its "body" and it a swan, just like the other swan left in the middle of the bed.

A condom?? Geez - let's keep our minds out of the gutter.


Sleeping Cap.....

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