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May 17, 2007



The albino eyeless penguins are the penguin assassins.


Not just any dog -- I think that's Gromit!


If that's a dog I don't know why, when I look at it, I get an insatiable appetite for BBQ baby back ribs!?

...and it looks like an apple would fit real nice inside that tasty little critters mouth!

Tim J.

It DOES look like Gromit!

And remember in the W & G short "The Wrong Trousers", the villain was... a penguin!


Ed Peters

It's a dog? There I go again, I only see an oddly folded towel. White. On a bed....I give up.

Tim J.

That's why you're the Canon Lawyer, Ed. :-)


Have I mistakenly come across an evolution website? First it's a penquin, today it's a dog, tomorrow it's a presidential candidate...at least the dog appears to be praying, which is more than I can say about the presidential candidates.

On closer look this is a nun's poocher - look at the ears - is it a Daughters of Charity pup?? (Can't recall who has those winged tip headgear!)

Most importantly - what's wrong with the single piece of gold wrapped chocolate - why hasn't that at least multipled - or "evolved" into a big box with my name on it?


What's scary is that you're in the middle of the sea and still able to quote from Lovecraft. Either you brought it along as light reading, have it downloaded to your computer, or you quoted from memory. In any of those cases, I'm worried for your sanity. J/K. I wish I was reading Lovecraft while on the Catholic Answers cruise. . .

Randolph Carter

"South Station Under - Washington Under - Park Street Under-Kendall - Central - Harvard . . . "

Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!

Dr. Eric

Ed Peters,

I bet you can't see the "Magic Eye" posters either!


Ed Peters

Dr. E: Nope :(

TimJ: Tell you what do I see in that towel: hard EVIDENCE that some domestic service personnel have way, way too much time on their hands, thus justifying cuts in wages and increases in work quotas!

Hmmm. Maybe I can see beyond the surface after all.


...some domestic service personnel have way, way too much time on their hands, thus justifying cuts in wages and increases in work quotas!

Actually, I wouldn't pay good money to an employee who folds a towel as terribly as that!

Franklin Jennings

It's Alf!!!


On the other hand, the penguin did rather look like a ghostly Kermit the Frog...

Tim J.

Ed -

Of course, the reverse of my good-natured (honest!) dig at your response to the towel animals is my knowledge that, given my free-wheeling, unfocused ruminations on things like broken speedometers and pop singers and what-have-you... it is a very good thing I am NOT a canon lawyer. It doesn't seem like a field that would be amenable to whimsy.

Better to give me a paintbrush and leave the real thinking to more disciplined intellects.

Ed Peters

Gee, and I ever REALLY wanted to be able to do was to draw...and play the pipe organ.


No, it is I who will eat you!!!


I thought it was an elephant.

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