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May 08, 2007



Totally reminds me a the stories of young St. John Bosco.

Or, y'know, that kid from the movie Millions.

Sounds like a really cool kid.


Jimmy, you've got to get this kid to call into your Catholic Answers show, at least for a few minutes.

Tim J.

Wow. Just... wow.

Franklin Jennings

I have to admit my first response reading this in the Sunday paper was "Either this kid's gonna be a great saint, or the anti-Christ."

There was just something about the way the story was reported that echoed the Finding in the Temple. "See, i was only 7, Jesus couldn't do it until he was 12!"

But it would be cool if he was the 1st American Pope instead.

Tim J.

I really have no preference on the Pope's country of origin. I'm not really sure how I would feel about an American pope, right now anyway.

I love my German Shepherd!


I would like an American Pope of he used his position to straighten out the American Bishops. I would not like an American Pope if his papacy resulted in the same type of confusing teaching the USCCB comes out with.


As an adult, that kid will either become an Atheist or a cleric :)


In honesty I'm not impressed. It is just "shocking" that a child should be shown and taught reverance at an early age, plus all kids are able to achieve uncanny encyclopedic knowledge in any subject they are interested. E.g. ask sports trivia to any other kid of the same age who is enthusiastic about it.

The article also reminds me of a very important principal concerning the Faith. "To be a priest you must know Jesus, not know about Jesus."


my 7 year old wants to be the Pope as well (since we watched the election of Benedict). He doesn't have anywhere near the knowledge or drive to attend Mass, but he is learning spanish since I told him that popes need to learn several languages!


That article is a hoax. We're actually looking at a picture of Peter Kreeft when he was younger. :)

Alex Benziger.G

Mr. Jason is rightly said about the boy's future, we don't know ?
But we pray to our Lord Jesus Christ that the boy may live and grow with the Catholic traditional teaching. DEO GRATIAS.


This is unnatural. Has he been tested for Aspergers?


When you're that age, you soak up everything and remember everything. What's unnatural is not letting kids that age access lots of information.

Later on, of course, you learn all the judgement and use stuff. But sheer data... oh, yeah. Early childhood is the time for that.

Tim J.

Unnatural, indeed. We should all be so unnatural.


"Around age 3, James became infatuated with Mary, often hugging and kissing statues of her."

Wonder where he learned that behavior?

Roger H.

An American pope who is a fan of the Red Sox. That would be way cool.


They got it ALL WRONG!

It's NOT that little girl -- it's actually THIS KID who can defeat SYLAR!


Wonder where he learned that behavior?

My guess would be his parents. They probably gave him hugs and kisses, too, since, well, that's how a lot of people show love for others. Go fig.

In honesty I'm not impressed.

Ok, Tiro, then perhaps you, without looking it up, can tell us "the 14 holy helpers, and the 33 "doctors" of the church — in order, including the pope who appointed them." Personally, I never even HEARD of the 14 holy helpers 'til I read the article.

Has he been tested for Aspergers?

Doesn't sound like the people I know with Aspergers at all. Where on earth would you get that?

People, please remember, this child is probably reading this. (I know I would be if I were in his shoes.)


People, please remember, this child is probably reading this. (I know I would be if I were in his shoes.)

Is JA suitable for young children?


Usually. Until you get some joker in the commbox typing obscenities and talking about worshipping the Prince of Darkness.


Or that meltdown between Inocencio and the RadTrad.


Is JA suitable for young children?

Actually, for now, I wouldn't recommend it.

I initially wanted to recommend this blog to a younger audience, but when I scanned it for the usual 'cuss' words just to make sure it was parentally safe, I came by some pretty outrageous obscenities in addition to these.

Which brings me to the question -- any chance we could get rid of these???

Danny Garland Jr.

The kid has the right team. Go Red Sox!

Some Day

He'd fit right in with the Heralds of the Gospel.

An 8 year old Canadien girl just joined last year.

Vocations to the Heralds are plenty and young.

Baseball is not Catholic at all.

(American Football if that is all you got)



Please reread the last sentence of my previous comment.


Baseball is not Catholic at all.

I thought I saw some fluff article somewhere last Summer about how baseball is a very Catholic sport. I don't remember what any of its reasons were though.


I hope that he keeps up his enthusiasm. That's what I'm praying for my youngest nephew, who just received First Holy Communion this past Sunday. He wants to be a priest.


Isn't Roger Maris enough to confirm baseball as a Catholic sport? :)

Actually, our child Noel who didn't survive to birth is buried in the same cemetary as Maris, not far from his grave and those of our past bishops, including Cardinal Munch. Awful experience, but somehow it feels a little easier knowing Noel's in good company.

Anon like no other

Where is the fight in Baseball???


When I hear the words "baseball" and "Catholic" in the same sentence, I can't think of anything except the Susan Sarandon explanation of baseball as her religion in "Bull Durham"

In the opening narration, Annie Savoy states, "...there are 108 beads in a Catholic rosary and there are 108 stitches in a baseball." Correct or not (see the newadvent entry on rosaries for example, among others) that might be what you heard, Brian.

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