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April 04, 2007



Incredi-Boy should sue! No, make that Jack-Jack!


No, seriously, it's a fun short. Nice use of framing to create the special effects. Cute kid!


Cute film, but it doesn't even BEGIN to illustrate how much trouble they can get into while you're in the bathroom! :-)

Danny Hidalgo

Thank you again Jimmy for posting the link to my film on your site, I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate that. I hope everyone here will enjoy it, it was definitely fun to shoot and an exercise in patience.

Last February 2006 I was working in a new position in sales, going to school for an MBA, selling my house, with a second baby due any day, and filming for about 4 hours a night. The train scene alone took me 2 weeks to film! But the key to me was, if my son enjoys it, I will keep doing it. Every night he would say, "Ahee, ahhee, philllll mooooeeee"... translation... "Daddy Film Movie!" So I ran with it.

Thank you to everyone for viewing, to Jimmy for such great work in Apologetics, and for making such a great site. God Bless.

J.R. Stoodley

How do you watch it?

Danny Hidalgo

Just click on the blue highlighted words, "HERES THE LINK" and you should be directed to the site. After about 5-10 seconds, depending on the speed of your computer, the movie will automatically play. I hope this helps.

joe P.

Great job. What a cool thing to do with your boy.


Special Effects?

you mean it wasn't real?

J.R. Stoodley

nope, the link goes to a page giving a description of the video, comments on it, stuff like that but no sign of the actual video.

Danny Hidalgo

Well, it may be the processor speed or lack of software needed to view. it works on my PC laptop which is wireless and my IMac, so it may be a speed or software issue. Hopefully that is part of the answer. Thank you for trying, good luck and take care.

Ed Peters

JR is right. there is no way to run this film. what a mess.

Danny Hidalgo

maybe this will help, when you click on the link, just let the video load - it should say it is "buffering". Then it will play automatically. I really hope this helps, no matter what computer I use it has been successful, with Windows XP and/or OSX(mac) at least. I just want to thank those of you who attempted to view, and those who did view the film I hope you enjoyed it. Its amazing, the counter only increases by one if participant watch the entire film. Yesterday the count was 548 people, today it is 1,016! Amazing! Thank you everyone and God Bless.

J.R. Stoodley

It aint never gonna work with that link. It doesn't go to any video. No buffering to be done. Don't worry about it I'm not heartbroken. Happy Holy Week.

J.R. Stoodley

Or have a blessed Holy Week, as it were. Whatever.

Ed Peters

JR is still right. I've viewed about a million flicks on-line, and this just ain't doing it. Oh well. This is a week for "on to better things."


And yet, Joe and Monica and I saw the film.

Danny Hidalgo

Thank you everyone for viewing. I have most of your websites bookmarked in my favorites categories, and I feel fortunate to have some of you view things I have made. Thank you. I will post to youtube this week, and send a link to Jimmy. The contestants have already been chosen, so although I didnt make the top 16 I feel blessed to have reached such a wide audience. Thanks and God Bless. Happy Easter!


Link worked perfectly for me, but it did take a minute to buffer.

Cute movie. I'm sure you had a fun time filming it. Good work.


The Quasimodo, he says the link worked perfectly.

A Simple Sinner

a year or so ago I worked all day and went to bed without eating... At around 2am I wolke up hungrier than ihave been in a long time...

I went down to the kitchen, and, as per usual, found pretty much nothing to eat. My roommate - acheerios devotee, had opted to buy a box of the new strawberry yogurt Cheerios... As I was eating them I thought "man, they really got the tangy yogurt flavor down on these things... maybe too much so."

The next morning, sick as a dog, I noticed that, in fact, the milk I put on it was about three weeks expired.

I can say from experience, he got that part of the film VERY true to life!

Great short!


Harry Potter: Deathly Hollows is supposed to be the best book in the series! http://www.com-onlinebooks.com/Deathly-Hollows-Book.html

Danny Hidalgo


You tube link is now up, thanks again everyone and enjoy.

Peace and Blessings,

Danny Hidalgo

Danny Hidalgo

And heres the link for those that prefer GodTube.com...


Peace and Blessings...

Danny Hidalgo

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