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March 09, 2007



I don't know what der schnitzelbank is, but I almost married a guy named Bill Schnitz--does that count?

Tim J.

Thank You!

Is das nicht ein funny song?

Smoky Mountain Hiker

Ist das nicht ein lustiges Lied?


Is das nicht ein funny song?
Ja, das ist ein funny song!
Is it nicht one verse too long?
Ja, it ist one verse too long!

Funny song, goes too long
Oh, du schöne
Oh, du schöne
Oh, du schöne

Smoky Mountain Hiker

Why we should all learn German (besides to communicate with the Pope):


My favorite part of Twain's speech is this:

I would only some changes effect...the verb so far to the front pull that one it without a telescope discover can

Justin West

I always enjoyed learning the Nations of the World

David B.

This song reminds me of The Three Stooges.

"is dat not ein submarine?"

"ya,dat is ein submarine."

Sean Gallagher

Jasper, IN has a restaurant named The Schnitzelbank. (Oh yeah, the Web site has "The Chicken Song" playing in the background. Do the dance while sitting at your keyboard if you wish.)

Jasper is very German. When I was a seminarian many years ago at the nearby

On a more serious note, though, there is a beautiful Catholic church in the town: St. Jospeh Catholic Church.

You can read more about the German-American heritage in southwestern Indiana in an article that I wrote about a year ago.


Wow, every now and then that song pops into my head for some reason. I saw that for the first time back in probably 8th or 9th grade when Animaniacs was what we all watched for puns and side jokes. Never intended for grade-school kids.


Boy, are you gonna hear on this one, Jimmy. People were upset about Star Trek and that eye test photo?

Hoooooo doggie!

Not just underpants, but FRENCH underpants ... man-boobs ... and violence toward little ... dog-like ... kids ... somethin' ... whatever Wakko, Yakko, and the Warner sister Dot were supposed to be.

Better call in the Cult of Jimmy Akin to defend you on this ... POST-HASTE.

By the way, from what I know, a Schnizelbank is a carving bench (or literally, "Shred Bench"). 'Course, I only know enough German to get me killed. So sez my resume.


Hey Sean,

I'm from Ferdinand, IN, near Jasper. We had to learn and sing this song in 4th grade...

I'll definitely have to check out your article!


Veeeeery interestink...but "Deutschland Uber Alles" it vasn't.


Schnitzelbank, besides being a very good restauraunt in Jasper, IN (been there, try the strudel) is german for "carpenters bench." This classic Animanics song is derived from a German bar song entitled, schnitzelbank. In its full form, it appears to have been written by people who had enjoyed quite a few pints.

This blog has it all...

A. Nonnymouse

Now, what can we do to bring back the Animaniacs?


I enjoyed this song but it rasies a moral question I often wrestle with. Isn't this copyrigted material? Is it ok to re broadcast it on things like youtube? There is a lot of old stuff I really like that I'd love to watch on youtube but don't because I thought it was copyrighted.


Jimmy, here's an HHT (Homeschoolers Hat Tip) to you for sharing that! My husband and children heard it playing and rushed over to hear more. Our whole family laughed so hard...well, we haven't laughed like that in forever. Thank you so much for the healthy dose of hilarity!


Is to seeing cats sing to large man, new language. Friendship strong.

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