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March 09, 2007


Ed Peters

Yes, the .VA content is, very slowly improving, though the gaps in what is supposed to be there are major. That said, its organization remains dismal. And that eye-straining ersatz parchment everywhere has GOT to go, this, from somebody who is not adverse to parchment on websites.


Ditto on the parchment. I also wish that serif fonts (e.g., Times New Roman) could go by the wayside (no offense Jimmy!). Serif fonts are great for printed media, but our eyes have a harder time reading them on computer screens - it makes for poor web design. With that said, I have been presently surprised by the amount of information available on the Vatican's site. I would also recommend a better means of searching the site.

Ed Peters

right J. i don't like arial, but it's easier to read on screen, so i use for about 80% of my site. sorry, my beloved times new roman!


They still need to get rid of that text-obscuring background, and it's still poorly organized and hard to navigate, but at least they're starting to get a lot of useful resources on the site.

The background I don't mind so much and, in fact, like.

However, the Vatican website being 'poorly organized and hard to navigate' is certainly so unfortunately true!

In fact, I can't stand their search engine!

Forgive the trite expression, by trying to conduct a successful search on the website is as difficult like trying to pull teeth!


thanks for linking this! Very nice to have, esp the downloads. I'm not crazy about organ music, but there is a lot that does not include organs.

Fr. Stephanos, O.S.B.

Notice the picture of the Roman practice of putting ashes on the TOP OF THE HEAD, rather than on the forehead! That's the way I always saw it done there.


Notice the picture of the Roman practice of putting ashes on the TOP OF THE HEAD, rather than on the forehead!

I wonder why?

Forehead would make sense to me.

But, there's got to be a reason why they do it on the head.

Some Day

The tradition is OT.


Jimmy and Co.,

I feel guilty during Lent (a little) (and I am serious).

I live in Chicago and Fridays I look forward to without the red meat.

The Mexican place has potato tacos, fish tacos, potato patties, fish soup etc.

The Italian place has a grrreeaaattt pepper and egg sandwich, plus breaded eggplant, vegetarian lasagna. But the Pepper and egg takes the best.

Pepper and egg is almost tooo good to be a sacrifice or mortification. The potato tacos are incredible.

Is it a sin to get a Pepper and Egg sandwich and put Italian beef juice on it???

I actually look forward to Lent and enjoy it. Many places only do the Pepper and Egg (Italians) or the Potato tacos (Mexicans) during Lent and you cannot get them during the rest of the year.
Plus I am becoming a little uncharitable to the Irish Catholics and to a lesser extent the Polish (who do have good pre-Lenten Catholic food traditions). Racism is a sin and it becomes borderline. Also, I am enjoying Lent too much--
thoughts??? anyone? Jimmy


Also, I am enjoying Lent too much
Fr. Christopher G. Phillips enjoys Lent as well.

Fr. Stephanos, O.S.B.

The Biblical usage was most likely not a "polite, ritual dab" ... more likely at least a handful or two of ash dumped on top of the head.


Thanks Some Day and Fr. Stephanos!

I never actually knew about that!

Forehead was all I knew until now!

Appreciate it & God Bless You Both!!!


Does the new web site address the issue of Limbo??

elena maria vidal

Thanks for the link! The Holy Father's words are are very helpful. I did not realize there was a page just on Lent.(I actually like the parchment look.)


Slightly off topic, but does anyone know of a place to find an MP3 of the Exsultet in Latin? Didn't see it at the Vatican site, but maybe I wasn't looking carefully.


but does anyone know of a place to find an MP3 of the Exsultet in Latin?

anon, try Fr. Z's place: http://www.wdtprs.com/index.htm

Ed S

Ed Peters, you might try Georgia for serif type. It was created, along with Arial, Tahoma, and Verdana, for the Internet. I would think that it and the other three are available in most word processors. Hope this helps.

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