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March 06, 2007


...their voice goes out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.


I think the fact that we can get such footage is almost as amazing as the footage itself. Thanks for posting this!


The Eye of Mordor!




*has Powerman 5000 stuck in her head* Wake up... an eye is upon you.....



I forgot to "roll" my 'R'.

The Eye of Mo-rrr-d-o-rrrr!

Brent Robbins

Looks like a bowl of grape jelly with a chocolate chip in the middle.

Christine the Soccer Mom

Neato! I'll have to show the girls! We were blessed to watch the lunar eclipse the other night on our way home from Florida. As it climaxed, we were driving directly towards it, and we had a terrific view right out the front of the car. I only wish I could have taken some pictures of it. It was beautiful!

Mary Kay

Amazing picture.

"The heavens are telling the glory of God...and all creation is shouting for joy"

One of "those" songs (Haugen) that I happen to like and actually is apt.

David B.

"The Eye of Mo-rrr-d-o-rrrr!"

Don't you mean the Eye of Saurrrrron?


Don't you mean the Eye of Saurrrrron?

My bad!

Thanks David B. for the correction there!

David B.

I always try to help a fellow ringer in distress! :-3

Some Day

"Cleareyes is awesome."

Tim J.

Good one, Some Day.

I love Ben Stein.


"Here's lookin' at you Babe!"


Thank you mister astronomer to take up your telescope time, booked months in advance, for this color photo instead of your personal research of more useful black and white spectral readouts.

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