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March 30, 2007



Oh boy...are those people for real??


Perhaps Barnum was right.

Wow. These are better than the old SaranWrap over the toilet bowl trick....

Brian Day

Here is the link to the original article:
Top 100 April Fool's hoaxes of all time.


Anyone happen to know how this tradition was started? Just wondering.

Marty Helgesen

Snopes has an account of the story of Alabama changing the value of pi: http://www.snopes.com/religion/pi.htm. Note the last paragraph, about Indiana.


Remember folks, Dihydrogen Monoxide is a REAL THREAT!

Jack 2.0

...and Esau is really just punking us with his alter-ego, JOHN!


Jack 2.0:

If only that were true!

That would've been pulling off (essentially) a 'David B.' -- except it would've been a more twisted and viscious version.

God forgive me, but I pray I never run into that person in real life.

Jack 2.0

I don't know why my typekey name keeps appearing here.


There's a neat article on the BBC that places the spaghetti prank in context. It's a good one!


OK Esau. I had to google it. Boy, do I feel fooled!


Has anyone heard about the USCCB petitioning the Vatican to have Palm Sunday moved this year to a Monday as it's presence is dampening the April Fools celebrations? I understand the Pope is rushing out a ruling on this so it can be released with the motu proprio .


Whimsy =^)

Jack 2.0:

See what you did!!?!?

The jack-ass, I mean, hobby horse (he's using 'Jack' this time instead of 'John') once again invaded the other threads!


God is really wanting to humble me this Lent.

By the way, does anybody know 'where' and/or 'who' Waldo is?


I live in Lugano where the spaghetti grows. Do you know that 1 strand of spaghetti is called "spaghetto" lo spaghetto, gli spaghetti which is plural. I have had some of the homegrown spaghetti here and it is MAHvelous!


I ordered a left-handed Whopper from Burger King today, and half of it spilled onto my lap. That'll teach me, being right handed and all.

Gene Branaman

My favorite is the one about the San Serriffe islands. Way too funny!


Free Internet is a flush away

Google's in the Toilet


I sort of like the idea of the Taco Liberty Bell, actually...

Tom P

HEY, HEY!!! IT WORKS!! I got the foaty feeling!!! Does that mean that Pluto is farther away than Jupiter tonight?

gmail user

Did anybody else see gmail's April Fools joke about the paper archive? I thought they were serious and I thought no more trips to the drug store to get my photos printed... dangit

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