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March 09, 2007


paul f

I emailed them, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. The lame Dear John they sent me kind of irked me a bit, but at least they got the point from what I'm sure was a large number of emails.

Not sure what I think about the term archaeo-porn, however. I either love it or hate it.

elena maria vidal

Obviously our emails (and prayers) have had an effect. Thanks be to God.


In the immortal words of Homer Jay Simpson. D'oh. I didn't bother to watch that junk but did catch a bit of the post show. They ripped that poor director to shreds, I honestly thought he was going to start crying. You'd think Discover would learn from Sony, the spend millions on the DUhVinci cod and well we all now how that went.


A very sad reminder of how much Discovery has changed for the worse.


This is good news. Discovery decided at the last minute not to air it here in India because of protests from the Indian bishops and other Christian groups, but it was too bad that it aired everywhere else. At least the network has now "seen the errors of its ways" and is making restitution, somewhat. Better than nothing.


The goal is to maintain Discovery's leadership as the No. 1 non-fiction media company in the world...


Great start by airing the likes of that Cameron tabloid filth merely disguised as legitimate documentary, that could only be described as sensationlism -- nothing more!

How did someone put it -- a Titanic blunder!?


My first comment. Hi!

Actually I am glad Discovery is taking steps in the right direction, even if only to save face. Lets them know they cannot get away with such things without a protest.

But meanwhile, have you heard about this atrocity?


So, Jimmy reads Drudge too. I posted on this last night.


Actually, it was the believers in "Joe A" and his tomb cult who sent all those e-mails.


Adding "Joe A" to the list of the Christian "necessary accessories" .

In order of importance:

1. Pilate
2. "Joe A"
3. Paul
4. Constantine

Jordan Potter

Who is "Joe A," Bernard?


"Joe A" is Joseph of Arimithea. "His tomb cult" refers to the Holy Sepulcre and the followers of Him Who was buried there. He was just spewing a little brimstone Screwtape gave him.


The Discovery official issues a lot of spin trying to save face for the network, and they still haven't done all they need to to distance themselves from this stinkburger, but the overall message is clear: They screwed up and they know it. Now they're trying to avoid getting more egg on their collective face.

Unfortunately, when watching the Discovery Channel yesterday evening, there was a 'crawler' that read that the The Lost Tomb of Jesus was going to re-air on March 28.

So much for avoiding getting more egg on their collective face. =^(

Some Guy

It is unfortunate that religion exists at all. Originally, religion served as the concience for the wild and barbaric ancestors that existed before made established REAL laws. Those barbaric ancestors of us didn't fear repurcussions from society, but when the Gods were angered, they responded. Now we have laws and god still doesn't exist. Now more people are killed for god than for the loathfulness of man.
Sad isn't it. Let's how about you christians go kill some muslims and leave James Cameron alone in his insanity. It's on TV, so it must be true... right?


WOW! I'm amazed!

That is THE MOST ORIGINAL IDEA I've ever heard in my life!

The whole concept: "God Created Man"

when actually: "Man Created God"

and really: "God is Dead!"

I could've sworn a guy by the name of Nietszche came up with the notion first!

You are "Some Guy"!

Now, go on with your abysmal morally-deprived existence by smoking weed, committing abortions, coming up with ways to justify murder and a homosexual lifestyle, gay marriages, and everything else that the world seeks to rationalize and make 'okay' all for the sake of humanity!


Just a bigot on an emotional rant. No need to respond in kind, brutha. Everyone who reads said rant will be able to see that there was no thinking behind it.

Besides, maybe it's a disguised plea for prayer. I recommend we engage in it.


Of course, his e-mail address explains a few things, epecially his need for our prayers.


Of course, his e-mail address explains a few things, epecially his need for our prayers.

As they say, people in Purgatory may need our prayers; however, people in Hell, it's just about hopeless.

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