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March 08, 2007



cool! and is that a BLACK LEATHER vest?


I spent two years in Japan when I was a young adult. I found the Japanese to be very hospitable, friendly people. I'm glad you got to have this very enjoyable experience.

Mary Kay

Sounds like such a fun time. I had no clue there was square dancing in Japan.

Tim J.

It's an international square dance conspiracy!


The occasion on which I received it was a recent International Friendship Dance that was held here in San Diego between local American dancers and a group of dancers from Japan.

Very cool. I knew there was Japanese ballroom dancing, but I never heard of Japanese square dancing. Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

So, did the International Friendship Dance repertoire include the International Friendship Song?

(what a world!)

Brent Robbins

So the Japanese gave you little pin flags as a sign of their friendship? Isn't that exactly what the Japanese gave American ambassadors and the President right before they bombed Pearl Harbor?

Bill Walsh

Isn't that Nihon rather than Nippon?


Isn't that Nihon rather than Nippon?



In Japan, I'm always "Sherrie." That L/R issue caught me off-guard once during our three years in Misawa. At ballet, the teacher said to my five year old, 'Oh! You have your own reo-tard!" My eyes got big and my husband rushed to say, "YES! We do have our own LEO-tard!"

Looks like a fun time.


Incidentally, the hearts you see on the vest were temporary stickers from a recent Valentines Day dance around the same time, where there was a "king of hearts" competition in which the lady dancers awarded them to the male dancers of their choice. I got four. The winner got six, if I'm not mistaken.


JIMMY AKIN is a 'PLAYER'!!! ;^)

John F. Kennedy

Did Karl Keating go to help with the language barrier? Or is he or his wife not Square Dancers?

David B.

I *think* I saw a cowboy hat bobbing aroung in the background... :-)

BTW, Jimmy, do you know how to say, "do what is right, because it is right?"


I know this is off topic, but we haven't seen pictures of your boots for a long time. Maybe once lent is over.

That last part of the post.

Risky buisness in treating members of the opposite sex.

Esspecially dancing.

But I trust JA is morally rect individual.

But his dancing buddies?

Well the tango is condemned by the Church.

Does it apply to other contact dancing?


It's both Nihon and Nippon. Nihon is just more common on everyday speech right now while Nippon is more used on official staff. That said, おめでとう ございます Mr. Jimmy!

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