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March 19, 2007



In short, Allison is doing well.

Thank you Jesus!


I didn't want events in my personal life to even BEGIN to dominate Jimmy's blog, even in the short term.

Jimmy, don't worry about that. If someone needs prayer and is in this kind of medical situation, post away.

Deo gratias!!

Tim J.


francis 03

:) about the last two posts, and :D about Allison!

francis 03

Ooh, that didn't come out as nicely as I intended it to. Make that : ) and : D, respectively.

Tim J.

Comprende, francis.

Muchas Gracias.


Just think of all the horrible jokes you can make, every time they sing "Change Our Hearts This Time"! :)

Thank you, God, for looking after Allison.

May light eternal shine upon the donor of her heart, and may God be as generous as the gift given.

Randolph Carter

Thanks be to God! I will continue to keep your niece in my prayers, Mr. Jones (Mr. Jones, I state, who is *not* Jimmy Akin). Let us now hope that her body accepts this new heart, and that she may have a long and joyful life.


God bless her and keep her heart strong.

Matt C. Abbott



Congratulations. I am praying. God Bless.

David Oatney

Allison will be in my prayers. Thank God for her new heart.



5th time! <=^D

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