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February 02, 2007



So...uhh...can i hook my xbox to it?


That guy must be a genius. I can't spell some of those words. Heck, I can't even pronounce some of those words!

(Uh, that was English he was speaking, wasn't it?)


That's the biggest microwave oven I have ever seen.


Microwave? I thought it was an eight-track player...

Take care and God bless,


So, if I can understand much of what he's saying, does this make me a good engineer or a bad one?

Ann Margaret Lewis

If he's an actor, I'm sure he read the script and said, "I have to say WHAT?"


Ah, c'mon Dad, why can't I have my OWN retro-incabulator?

Ann Margaret Lewis

Wait, did that date say 1997? This is ten years out of date? What are they trying to sell us, anyway?


Ann Margaret Lewis - they make them a lot smaller nowadays. I have one on my watch.


exactly! Being from Milwaukee the home town of Rockwell and A&B I actually hear some of that stuff on the street sometimes, those engineers are very scary.


How did that guy manage to keep a straight face while he was talking?!?!?!

Love2learn Mom

Hey! I'm married to one of those engineers! :)

David B.


That guy deserved an Oscar!

Quo Vadis

Ah yes an old one, but a good one. I have had to write software to interface with Rockwell (A&B)controllers. Pity the fool that uses RS Linxs.

Oh and they wern' the first to use a drawn reciprocating dingle arm to reduce sinusoidal
depleneration whenever a barescent skor motion is required. No, that was the turboencabulator:



Well, that makes everything perfectly clear, Quo Vadis.

(Bill, shrugs and walks off with a confused look on his face).


That drawn reciprocating dingle arm needs a phenomontic futter filter or it's not going to work worth a darn! Where did that guy go to school anyway???

Fr. Erik Richtsteig

Video make Homer brain hurt. Back to sleep go now.

Ed Peters

Yeah, but what he DOESN'T tell you is: only the 5 richest kings of Europe will be able to afford one, and in 10 years, they'll be TWICE as powerful as they are today.


All I need to say is "Look around you" and YouTube.


Write Only Memory.pdf

A Simple Sinner

Only 324 Days till Christmas.

My list just got a little bigger.

Henry Karlson

Well, they can try to sell you their products via rap:



"Wait, did that date say 1997? This is ten years out of date? What are they trying to sell us, anyway?"

...the newer version is called an iPhone.

Matt Kennel

I think my favorite part was the differential girdle spring. I don't think I even want to ask what that's doing.


This should be on Saturday Night LIve as a spoof commercial Haha I haven't laughed this hard in days!!!

John J. Simmins

I could kick myself for not thinking of this.


I'm reminded of the words of Harry Mudd: "Spock, you're going to love it here; they all talk just like you."

Mark Johnson

I can't see it. Can anyone give me a link, or a clue what plug-in I need, or something? Thanks!


I just got one that has Blue Tooth so I can strap it to my head without any annoying cords.


I used to work for Rockwell and I knew a guy who met this guy. According to my friend, this guy got his vocabulary by doing internal videos for the big three automotive companies. Apparently engineers at Ford/GM/Chrysler are constantly having to come up with new words for the things they invent for their engines and transmissions.

Anyway, I was told that he did this at Automation Fair, the annual controls show that Rockwell does for its customers/users.

I was also told that he did this in one take straight off the cuff.

By the way, the product he's standing in front of is an actual Rockwell product called a Motor Control Center or MCC. It is basically a metal electrical cabinet to place your automation and motor control in one place. Needless to say the jargon (inverse reactive current) is not real.

There is also an older version of this video done by a much older guy with a transmission. It was done by Rockwell AUTOMOTIVE, which no longer exists.

Darin Ries

That was great - sorry folks that thought that was real, but watch it again and listen closely - even if you can't spell most of what he says, you'll soon realize that he's blowing smoke. He's pulled stuff from all over the place and strung it together making it sound like a heck of a sales pitch. All I know is I want this guy next time I have to sell something. . . The heck with selling a drowning man a glass of water, this guy could sell him the entire culligan water purification system!


Aw Darin, and here I thought I might actually be able to go out and buy a dingle arm...


I kept thinking he looked like the Professor from Gilligan's Island.


Turbo Encabulator



What a shame that he left out the Grunkulator!! It took Rockwell 7 yeas and millions of IRAD dollars to bring that system to operational readiness at a prototype level and the Grunkulator is the enabling technology. Not to mention the numerous patents held on the Grunkulator and many of its component parts. I'd say Rockwell dropped the ball on this one. They failed to peel back their onion, drill down, determine their core competencies and gain the necessary traction to secure a market share for this superior if not already obsolete motor control system. More is the pity!!

Er Vasol

Hi Jimmy,

God bless you. I have to ask permission from you to post your blog into my own blog. I just want to make sure that I won't forget this wonderful God-inspired blog site and I want that those who would visit my blog may come to visit yours as well.

God bless you and your family and all those who come accross your blog.

Lastly, please pray for me and my family. Thanks.

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