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February 22, 2007



Nice changes!
Great to see you've finally posted your awards, too! ;^)

The only problem is that your 2005 award is still appearing on the top of your blog page. Could you remove it?

The top of a webpage is what visitors see first and foremost and, therefore, significant. If new visitors were to come to your blog (especially in the case of those scanning the Internet for reputable Catholic websites to consult) and only see the 2005 award, they'll think it's the only one you've won unless they actually bother to page down to where your other awards are featured.

Just a suggestion though, could you place your awards on the left panel under your picture? That way, new visitors can see them right away and know the site they're visiting carries certain credibility and a respectable reputation.

I would've suggested the top right panel, but you rightly placed the Recent Comments there, which is very convenient and well done.

Do you truly believe your blog is the smartest one on the net? Even more brilliant than the insight offered by Ignatius? If you don't, then it would be best to say "no" to an award which is not true. If you do, then I can say -- the award isn't true.

lurker delurking

On the subject of Blog changes, I was curious as to the total disappearance of Michelle Arnold from the blog. I don't recall any mention being made of her going away, but now I see that she's no longer listed as a co-blogger. Anyone have any info as to what happened?

Jimmy, thanks for all that work to make the changes. They will make life easier, especially the new search feature. Good to see your work recognized in your well deserved awards.

Mary Kay

oops, that last one was me.

Tim J.

Neat changes, Jimmy.

I especially appreciate the new Google search feature, as I had given up on the old search a while ago and, like you, just went direct to Google, which worked very well.

Congratulations again, not so much on the awards, but for success in maintaining such a helpful and high quality site. I know you have a lot of demands on your time, and that you could be spending your blogging time in ways more personally profitable to you.



Great job, and congrats on the awards. LOVE the new google feature as well.


Congratulations on the awards. I stop by your blog frequently (and have it up on mycatholic.com home page just to check your posts). Like the new look and everything seems to be working OK!


lurker delurking -

I emailed Jimmy about that when I noticed and asked if she would still be contributing:

"She may from time to time, but didn't feel that she could do so regularly at this point and asked me to de-list her name."

Ed Peters

Yes, subtle indeed. Most subtle. A certain Je ne sais quoi.


"Do you truly believe your blog is the smartest one on the net? Even more brilliant than the insight offered by Ignatius? If you don't, then it would be best to say "no" to an award which is not true. If you do, then I can say -- the award isn't true."

Huh?? I don't think Mr. Akin has much of say in which awards he won. In fact, the main factor in who won the awards seems to be the preference of readers. Mr. Akin runs an superb blog here and is most worthy of the "Smartest Blog" award.


Great to see you were able to finally remove the 2005 award from the top of the page!

I can't help but notice though that the 2007 award that's for Best Apologetics Blog came out as "Best Apologetic Catholic Blog"!

It almost reads as if this blog is the best Catholic blog for being so sorry! ;^)

Again, I can't say it enough, but congratz on such well-deserved awards, Jimmy! Keep up the awesome work and insights!

One could say "I do not deserve the award," and reject it.


Anonymous, do you have a personal objection to Jimmy winning that award?


Yes, he does, Edward. He's a psycoanalyst's dream. He probably also believes that Blessed Mother Teresa should have declined the Nobel Peace Prize. Just pray for him and have pity on him.


Anon -

About your rant:
One could say "I do not deserve the award," and reject it.

Have you ever heard of false humility???

Also, did you ever hear that acknowledging such recognitions can be an opportunity to humbly acknowledging the work of Christ and the talents he had given to such an individual?

You're not thinking any of this through at all, but, for some odd reason (perhaps personal?), continue to harp on this.

If you are truly against such recognitions for a job well-done, then I hope that you actually practice-what-you-preach and that if ever your employer were to reward you with a promotion and/or raise, that you tell your employer that you flat out reject it because such recongition is, like you said in the other thread, merely self-congratulatory and that you want to act with such humility and that expect your reward in Heaven rather than on earth.


Congrats on the awards. Well-deserved. Though I still don't like the format and all the categories they came up with.

And the new search is good. I was already using google advanced search with domain narrowed down to jimmyakin.org. This will make things much easier.


Anon - your comments have a sore loser quality to them.

My humble opinion is that you read this blog on a daily basis and smarten up.



Great to see you're still out there, brother!

Although you may not be Catholic, I still hope (and pray) that one day you do!

But, regardless, it is nice to have your presence still and hope that God take cares of you in all you do! =^)


I like the changes.


Congratulations, Jimmy! I voted for you in every category and you are the first (and sometimes, only) blog I read every day. You most certainly deserve the smartest blog award--in all sincerity I can't understand half the stuff you write about (you have smart commenters, also).


Aloha Jimmy, my heartfelt congratulations on your recent awards. I am not Catholic, but truly hope to be one of your brothers soon. Your blog is part of my daily life – it has offered me so much hope, understanding, and yes – more questions than I can often handle – but that’s the wonder of it all!

Throughout the day, as I pondered your “smartness” this came to mind:

“Wisdom was created before all other
and prudent understanding from
There is but one who is wise, greatly
to be feared,
seated upon his throne –
the LORD.
It is he who created her and took her measure;
he poured her out upon all his
upon all the living according to his gift;
he lavished her upon those who
love him.”
Sirach 1: 4-10

Well, it sure looks like He gave that cowboy hat to you!

Grace and peace.
A thankful friend.


Aloha Esau, thank you for the kind words.

I check Jimmy’s blog daily and am often wonderfully overwhelmed by many people’s comments and helpful offerings!! Obviously, not being Catholic I am unable to comment on most topics, but that does not mean I am not learning and constantly being inspired.

I always look for your wise, to the point (and not to mention usually entertaining zaps!)

Please keep me in your prayers, as I do all of you in mine.
Have a passionate Lent.

Grace and peace.

Joy Schoenberger

Thanks for fixing the search feature. I was getting pretty frustrated with the old one. Google rocks!

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