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February 13, 2007


John E

What's the difference between Bigfoot and an intelligent blonde?

There have actually been sightings of Bigfoot.


Tim J.

Ooh! Jane Goodall! Now you KNOW these folks are honest-to-Pete, white-coated, clipboard-carrying scientist types.

Thanks, Jimmy, for demonstrating that the word "Sasquatch" is the plural of itself... like "moose". See what you can learn here?

Here at our house in the woods, we like to refer to "deers", just to be stupid.


Oh, come on, John E; there are intelligent blondes. We call them Golden Retrievers.

("Three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys")


The linked website shows that the


are alive and well.


...these folks are honest-to-Pete, white-coated, clipboard-carrying scientist types.

Tim J., I resemble that remark!

("For that, you need to say all 20 Mysteries of the Rosary, do Eucharistic Adoration every weekend for the entire 2007 year, and give an expensive present to your wife worth over $1000 for Valentine's Day")


A large bipedal primate is one of the more unlikely cryptids (uncatalogued, but reported, often by natives, animals).

There has been some very interesting research and discovery in the area, though. The dermal ridges, nests, the unusual foot, and reports of primate-like behavior that non-scientists wouldn't have been so likely to know.

Plenty of cryptids have been found and cataloged, the "lion-killer" Bili apes in Africa, just this past year, have been found. They are larger than your usual chimp, and they live in a very different way, though genetically they are pan troglodytes, but they were reported, doubted for the usual knee-jerk reasons like seen above in this thread, and then after a long time, found and cataloged by bona fide scientists.

Then you have the giant squid (architeuthis dux), several types of bos in SE Asia, some birds and small mammals thought to be extinct have been discovered in the last few years.

Apart from the scientists like Dr. Meldrum and Jane Goodall, there are a number of amatuer scientists who do this as a hobby. Think of the late 19th century adventurer.

Would it be better if they spent their time glued to the TV set than out in the woods setting camera traps?



Bigfoot is a she.

wait, maybe I shouldn't have said that...


Am not. Methinks you are.


Several years ago, I accidentally stumbled upon an anthropoligical web ring that had a lively on-going discussion of Sasquatch. Most of the posters seemed as if they would be quite delighted if such a critter were to be actually found. Unfortunately, however, someone posted, identifying himself as a journalist and asking if anyone would like to contact him regarding an article on the subject. There were no further postings. *sigh*

Who knows what Nature will bring when God lets it go and let our sins be payed in blood.


*blink* Cryptic nasty much?


Our sins *were* paid in Blood about 2000 years ago.


I wonder if that was intended for the The Chilling Stars? post. Some Day and I were discussing something related there.

J.R. Stoodley

that last post was mine. Yeah, I'm the girly bigfoot. I forgot to change my Name section there.


"...troglodytes..." -from Labrialumn

Some of those I've met personally.


Yeah, I'm the girly bigfoot.

No, J.R. Stoodley; you're just a 'girl'! ;^P


Who knows what Nature will bring when God lets it go and let our sins be payed in blood.


You mean God will let loose Sasquatch on us and make us pay by our bloody deaths???

The comment above almost sounds like a tagline for some gory horror movie.


Didn't anyone tell you guys that Wilt Chamberlin's older brother, "lil Joe", shoe size 23 1/2, got lost in the woods up in Oregon 42 years, 13 days ago...exactly the day that the 3 photos above were taken?? Yes! ...Suposidly, he was real angry he couldn't find any shoes his size at the local Payless shoestore, and so said he wanted to 'go natural' "from here on in"...or so he told the shoeman! Some pot smokin' hillbilly noted at after walking true the blackberry vines fah 5 years his feet swelled up to no less than a size 27! ... and both Ripleys and Wilt has been a lookin for him ever since! Moreover, same pothead said he took with him only one pack a single blade disposible razors!

I'm suprized you smart Catlic boy's ain't never hearda is 'tory 'for!!


This is an interesting link. Didn't know most of this stuff about bigfoot and I probably will forget it tooo.

For those slinging around the "girl" term
Just to let you know the definition of girl is:
1 a : a female child from birth to adulthood b : DAUGHTER c : a young unmarried woman d sometimes offensive : a single or married woman of any age


Bigfoots prefer to be called "Bigfeet" in the plural.

Tim J.

Kevin -

Your comment reminds me of those Geico caveman commercials.



There's a difference between a 'girl' and a 'woman'.

For example, even my precocious pre-teen niece knows the difference enough that she prefers people referring to her as a 'woman' vs. 'girl' because of the very puerile nature of girls.

Now, if, on the other hand, you are, in fact, a little girl, then we certainly do apologize.



Further to what's been mentioned:

"In the British lexicon “girl” means a frilly, silly, airhead, a hormone-imprisoned creature, hardly to be taken seriously and definitely in need of being taken care of."


I think it is your intent, Esau, to offend. And I will leave it at that.



You're being very hyper-reactive to the mere banter that took place between DJ, J.R. Stoodley and myself.

Even in front of several of my most headstrong feminist friends did I never encounter such an overreaction as yours.



I think it is your intent to think so negatively about your fellow Catholic brothers here. And I will leave it at that.


Oh, yeah -- by the way, did you know that Dana Carvey's Hans & Franz sketch at Saturday Night Live was really a statement to put down women, too???

Hans: Really, ya. We are sad, you know, because anyone who calls us "stupid" is really just jealous. Because their girlfriend looks at us, then looks at him, and realzies she's cuddling up with a little girly-man!

Of course, we Catholic men, as some anti-Catholics believe anyway, are really misogynists at heart through and through.

Rob in Maine

Personally, I think the existence of "Bigfoot" falls under the Creed where God created "all things seen and unseen."


Bigfoot is very unique in that she(he?) falls under both seen and unseen..



How dare you put down women in general by your insinuation that Bigfoot is a 'she'!

You're just like J.R. Stoodley who said:
Yeah, I'm the girly bigfoot.

And, as AnnoyMouse has implied, this is an insult to women everywhere due to J.R. Stoodley's usage of the word 'girly' in his post and your insinuation of 'she' in yours!

How dare you guys behave so offensively toward women!



Have a blast with this one. This is a photo that one of my game cameras took on 08-05-2004. If you can see the image, great. If you can't, sorry...it is a low resolution pic. Most see it, some don't, some pretend not to. Here you go, and thanks in advance for taking the time to check it out:

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