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February 14, 2007


Sifu Jones

Prayers are on the way, Tim. Sorry to hear about this.

Randolph Carter

A child needing a new heart on St. Valentine's Day; very tragic in deed. I will keep her in my prayers, Mr. Jones. May God watch over her this day.


That is very, very tragic -- especially at a tender age of 16! She is in my prayers.

God take care of her, embrace her in His loving arms and provide her with the help she needs.



we will keep Allison and your whole family in our prayers.

God Bless
AnnonyMouse (signing off til after Lent)

Mary Kay

will include her and family in prayer.


I will pray for this daily.

Dr. Eric

Through the intercession of Sts. Valentine, Cyril, Methodius, and John of God, I pray that Allison receives the heart that she desperately needs. Lord have mercy on your handmaiden Allison!

Ed Peters



I will pray. If I have some resources I will try to help with $ but it has been tight.
You seem like a very good man
I like your art.

God bless you and your family during this time especially the girl



I'm very sorry to learn this sad news, but pray, that our God, a God of the heart and of love, if it be His will, shall ensure that your loved one receives the transplant that she is in need of.

I pray too for comfort for Allison and her family; that they may be strengthened by God's grace so that they may better endure that which lies ahead.

Allison will be in my prayers henceforth, as will all who are caring for her and giving her medical attention and all who hold her dear in their hearts.

Tim, I hope this doesn't distress you further , but I feel I must tell you that this has made me rethink organ donation. (I was always 'for it', but could never bring myself to allow my children to enter that equation -unless they were to be on the receiving end).

As you know, what your family is experiencing right now is every parents worst nightmare and yet, so too for many parents, I believe, is the dread of our own dear children passing on before us... and of our being asked to donate their vital organs.

I hope that if I ever have to make that decision.... and I pray to God that I'll never have to... that I may think of a family just like yours, with a beautiful young woman, just like your niece, and make the decision that will afford someone the gift of life.

God Bless you all and give you comfort.

p.s. Tomorrow I will include this intention in the parish bulletin so that many more hundreds of people may pray for your dear niece.

Tim J.

Thank you ALL so much for your prayers! These are passed on to the family (they are Christian, but not Catholic) and, believe me, they are very grateful!

Back in their hometown of Ogallala, Nebraska, a bunch of the townspeople took a dip in the frozen lake to raise money to help. There has been an outpouring of help and compassion that means a lot to this little family.

Trust me, I covet your prayers more than anything. My fundraising idea came about just because, not having much myself in the way of resources to help, I wanted to do what I could. But the request for prayer is my focus.

ukok, I completely iunderstand your feelings about organ donation. Things have become so distorted in the way society views the human body as a commodity that I do see some potential for abuse. But, I hope to be able to donate some of my organs if I can find a way to do it that will offer some assurance that my poor carcass won't be sold to the highest bidder or treated in an undignified way (which is what I would wish for anyone).

God bless you all!


Tim J.,

I went before our Blessed Lord in the Holy Eucharist last night and prayed for all your intentions. Allison and your family will remain in my prayers.

Take care and God bless,

David B.

I will pray for her.

J.R. Stoodley

I'm only reading this now but I'll be praying for her. I will mention her in the general intercessions next Sunday at mass.

My Cat's Name Is Lily

Prayers being said here, as well!

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