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February 12, 2007


J.R. Stoodley

I'm trying not to be too hard on people who are suffering financially, but it seems wrong to me for this tribe to try to keep up the superhuman in touch with nature image while building such a tacky tourist trap defacing a natural treasure.

Maybe it's time to move out of the reservation.

David B.


Another 2 tired. 2 blog. 2 night. day for ya?

David B.


Another 2 tired. 2 blog. 2 night. day for ya?

David B.

Great. 2 posts. Dumb, slow computer.

John F. Kennedy

While the glass walkway is interesting, you will NEVER see me on it. I had a hard time walking to the edge of the rim with a steel railing against it.

(It would be different if it was clear aluminum.)

John E

Reminds me of that bridge in Indiana Jones -- the one he can't see until he actually steps out onto it.


Gosh, that doesn't look up to code.

Cajun Nick

Our pastor, Fr. Randy, actually managed to referece the "leap of faith" bridge in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade during his homily the other weekend, which, IMHO, was pretty cool.

I'd love to walk out on the glass bridge over the Grand Canyon. For $25, it sure beats the prices of taking a helicopter flight.


Ah Yes another way to reconfirm one's fear of Heights!!!!


Between this and the casinos, native americans are sure working very hard to destroy the modern myth that indians were the original environmentalist nature lovers, eh?

'tis a shame that even such a wonder of nature must give way to the latest, greatest god.


I am going to go on the skybridge.

francis 03

Looks awesome to me. Unspoiled nature is great and necessary, but I'm also in favor of a moderate amount of somewhat-spoiled nature if it allows greater human exposure to the wonders of our world.

As for the in-touch-with-nature mythos, it doesn't seem fair to expect modern Native Americans so live up to the mythical standard when most of the land which their ancestors are supposed to have been in touch with has been taken away from them.

The indigenes had never read Rouseaux. ;-)

It looks like the architect worked hard to make it blend in with the environment, though I'm with the poster in not wanting to walk out on that thing. The cable car ride would be pretty cool, though.

The Park Service isn't what it used to be. Ideologies have changed, and the normal course of beaurocracies to become jobs-protection programs for themselves have both taken effect.


...when most of the land which their ancestors are supposed to have been in touch with has been taken away from them.

This is often an overlooked and frequently downplayed tragedy.

If anybody got a really raw deal, it was the Native Americans.

I mean, how many of the original tribes that existed in America way back when still exist today?

It would seem entire tribes of people had been wiped out in the past for the sake of manifest destiny.


Having been to the Grand Canyon and walked half way down the Angel Trail, it's pure snobbery that the elderly have to enjoy it from afar. There used to be an elevator down the canyon, but the enviro-wackos are against it, much like they are against this bridge.

No entienden.

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