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February 20, 2007



If we knew how, we would donate "baby teeth" for the use of creating stem cells. We hear that they are "able" to do it, but we just don't know where to send them too.

I would come closer donating the blood than creating a "bank" for future use of it. But that is just my opinion.


We tried to donate the cord blood for our 1st child, but weren't able to because it ended up an emerengcy c-section. We'll try again with our next one.


I'm not an overly-sensitive "the media is all bad" kind of guy, but did anyone else click on the link to read the story about the cord blood and find an advertisement from Yahoo about "gay marriage love stories"? It might be safe to say that most cord-blood-banking conscious people are on the conservative side, so I wonder if that was an attempt to present "us" with "their" viewpoint. Hmm.


Is it just me, or is every yahoo news article have an ad posted for Yahoo Supported Pro Gay Marriage stories? Its on everyone of their news stories. That is pretty sick.

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