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January 16, 2007



The point to remember that this is Type ONE diabetes, not Type 2 (once known as "adult-onset" or "non-insulin dependent"). Type 2 is the type we heavier, sedentary adults have to watch our weight to guard against. For those with Type I, this is exciting!


I completely agree with this study. I would, however, be very careful about starting to take capsules such as cayenne pepper. My father in law started taking 100,000 btu capsules and occasionally would get very sick from the heat of the capsule in his stomach. He bought 40,000 btu capsules and hasn't had a problem, but I took the 40,000 btu capsules and got extremely sick one day. The key is to take it after you have eaten--but I am kinda afraid to take any anymore!


You mean capsaicin comes in BTUs? Yikes!

A. Williams

I once had a friend from Poland who mentioned to me that at one time he was extremely sick for many months, and although he visited numerous doctors, none could find out what was wrong with him. And as he grew weaker and weaker, somehow he thought to eat a large bowl of Jalepenos. Very shortly after, he told me, a very large tapeworm was expelled from his body, and he recovered perfectly.

also, if I'm not mistaken, I think I once read that Padre Pio was somehow cured of an illness by eating nemerous hot peppers?

Anyway, just some ideas on some other potential benefits of this special food.


"Capsaicin comes in BTUs." I laughed myself silly about this one; too good. And huzzah, Canadian scientists! Who woulda thunk that a bunch of freezing, sub-polar Canucks would make miracles from hot peppers? There's something philosophical here, I'm sure.


A. Williams: EEEEEEEWWWWWWW! My mother tried a milder form of this for pinworms when we were kids. She put us on a diet of only oranges for 3 days on the theory that all that acid would kill them, and it worked.

You do need to be careful with the ceyanne; take it with food and Don't Lie Down for a while. It'll give you some serious acid reflux!


Woohoo! Sounds like we can use chili peppers as an alternative energy source! I think my furnace puts out about 100,000 BTUs

Eileen R

Diabetes runs in my family, with some relatives with really severe cases. This is exciting news.


...Oh, another friend from Guatemala told me this item relating to hot peppers. He said that the buyers of bulk jalepeno's were so accustomed to the Capsaicin that their tongues weren't sensitive anymore, and so they couldn't be relied on to judge the hotness of the peppers. So, to tell if the peppers were really good or not, they needed to squeeze a little drop into the corner or their eye! ...believe it...or not!?

..so if you ever see a Guatamalen weeping..it might be because He just scored biggg on the last load of Chili peppers that he was hauling!

Oh yeah...and forget Chavez' crude.. and solar energy too! I'm puttin' dough in Mexican commodities!!
Like Beau says--100,000 btu's from chili peppers??
....We're RICH!!

Dr. Eric

From The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra L.Ac., O.M.D.

Cayenne increases overall energy of the body, keeps hemorrhages and secretions in check, relieves gas and abdominal pains, and relaxes muscle spasms. (I took out all the $9.00 doctor words.)

Cayenne benefits the heart and circulation, can be rubbed on a tooth or gum when painful, or a tincture of cayenne can be rubbed into a painful joint and wrapped overnight with the pain usually relieved by morning.

Not only that but it will definitely will unclog a stuffy nose!!! (My clinical experience, or... my restaurant experience!)



Talking about hot peppers (by the way, what is the pH of such things as Cayenne??) --


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And not a single embryo had to be sacrificed, right?


Oh great as if injections weren't painful enough.




They also discovered that their treatments curbed the insulin resistance that is the hallmark of Type 2 diabetes, and that insulin resistance is a major factor in Type 1 diabetes, suggesting the two illnesses are quite similar.


The capsaicin given to the rats for diabetes is not a capsule. It is an injection directly into the pancreas.


Thanks for the information.

fitz root beer

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Hot peppers should not be taken in capsule form, that's why you had acid reflux. Your stomach was unprepared for the peppers and then the capsule opened up and surprised it. According to Dr. Richard Schulze, and herbalist who is very experienced with hot peppers, you should take peppers in food or in a glass of water or juice.

When I took cayenne capsules I had the same problem, but drinking the pepper in water after a meal never causes a problem for me. You get a sensation in your body that you just can't get with the capsules. Dr. Schulze says that you don't get the full medicinal benefits from the capsules either, you have to take peppers straight into your mouth. I highly recommend reading about his discoveries using hot peppers to stop heartattacks, strokes, bleeding and other medicinal uses that few people know about.

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