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January 23, 2007



I like it!


works for me! Thanks for all your hard work.

paul zummo

I like it, as long as you keep the mix between extended entries and these shorter blips. I would just caution against too many short posts on any given day because then it is hard to keep up. But a few short posts is great.


Totally understandable. Drudge Report is similar; points are always taken. Do whatever. You'll write the good in-depth stuff when it comes. Don't worry over it.

Ed Peters

So, do square dance boards meet around round tables?


Not bad -- Not bad at all!

It was kinda like a diet version, if you think about it! ;^)


I prefer the longer posts but when you don't have time, I don't mind this at all. Actually, if you want to sprinkle these shorter posts with the longer ones, that would be even better!


I personally love the longer posts myself.

However, it seems with all the responsibilities that Jimmy has undertaken, I don't know if Jimmy can sustain efforts to maintain a regular schedule of his more beloved longer posts.

Please don't tell us these shorter postings are a foreshadowing of things to come!?!??


Is shorter posts secret project number 5?

Just kidding, I can't read you every day so I can't see how you can post "most" days. God Bless you and all who visit this board.



Jimmy you do what works for you.


Actually, Jimmy, as much as I love the longer posts, ditto what SteveL said above.

Don't spread yourself too thin, brother!

God bless you!


By the way, brother Jimmy, I have yet to see you post your 3 Catholic Blog Award wins for:

- Most Informative Blog
- Best Blog by a Man
- Best Apologetics Blog

The 2006 Catholic Blog Awards

Again, CONGRATZ!!!

Carol Mickle

I wanna know when we're gonna see some square dancing videos, lol!

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