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December 04, 2006


Phil M

Didn't Archimedes make one of these?


My dad is obsessed with this. Last time I visited, I got to watch about 45 minutes of Animusic on DVD. I have to admit, it is pretty neat.

Greg Elsbernd

The full video can be found here:



This is soo amazing. I am surprised that it isn't real, or at least someone isn't working on one.
Just too cool.

Michael Belisle

If you like this one, a better one was done by Honda and is real. No CGI !!! It can be found at www.ebaumsworld.com/flash/honda-ad.html

Dean Steinlage

Michael's right. Check it out!


They showed clips of that on PBS here in Arizona ... about 4 years ago.

I had no idea people actually thought it was real.


Though I hope it is not the new wave of "Liturgical music"

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