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December 21, 2006



very fun! I love this.


For some customized streaming music (and tabbed browser pages in Firefox and IE 7 makes this especially accessible), check out http://pandora.com

Just put in your favorite artist and it will play a song representative of that artist's style; then it will build a playlist of songs/artists with a similar style.


Oh, yeah ... and you can give the other songs its playing a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down", so it will learn your tastes and what the station should play. (You can make multiple stations too)

It's a cool way to discover new music.


Serendipity! I just found this site last week. I was having some moral qualms about it (Is it legal? Am I stealing music?) until I thought of it as a radio station. I guess it is moral since you are not actually downloading the song for your own unlimited use. The site has brought back many fond memories.

chris K


Remember belting out "Let Me Go Lover" from '55 when I was 7!

And ya gotta admit The Platters and Roy Orbison were and are always great. Not to forget the Shirelles, Jim Reeves, Brothers Four, Lettermen - what a combination, huh!


I'm just glad someone else close to me in age knows the song "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane." Sometimes I feel like I'm a little on the odd side...

Tim J.

I remember that song. I was a fan of the Mills Brothers. I loved their harmonies, even as a kid.

"Naughty Lady" is sweet AND humorous.

Matthew W. I. Dunn

When they get some Stryper, come talk to me.

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