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December 01, 2006



this is very cool. Will items stay in the cart a really long time like they do on amazon.com? I love that feature. I add things whenever it looks like something I really want, and once every month or two I actually place the order, and everything I want is right there without my having to keep lists next to the computer that other people flip over and use to write phone numbers on without also writing who's phone number it is so you have to call to find out if it's important.

Jimmy Akin

As far as I know, you're basically putting items into your Amazon.com cart, so they should stay there indefinitely.


This is great!


I wonder why Jimmy Akin doesn't have as wide an audio/video product line like Tim Staples does?

Tim is awesome, but I'm sure there would be folks interested in similar products from Jimmy as well!

Jeff Miller

I couldn't recommend The Catholic Home. The fist half of the book on customs is fine, but the second half on home devotions and the sacraments is riddled with errors and is really sloppy theologically in regards to the sacraments.

She says things like "Currently the vocation of priest and deacon is open only to Catholic men." Currently? She then goes on against priestly celibacy mentioning how some of the Apostles had been married and then bringing up the old myth about celibacy being imposed because of medieval property rights disputes. She speaks glowingly of the Orthodox and there having married priests without mentioning that both their monks and bishops are required to be unmarried. "God only knows what the future holds for those who feel called to receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders."

Her section on the Sacrament of the Sick is also way off in that she says that it can be given for "unhealthy relationships" and other reasons that don't quite match up to canon law.

There are much better books on devotions in the home.


Anytime you want to set up a link to our store and promote all kinds of Catholic stuff, feel free.

Steve Ray

Jimmy, another reason to be interested in this Mass is that it is the same place we will have Mass while on the Catholic Answers' Cruise in May!


'The catholic home' by the way is incredible. I've created a liturgical year list of family traditions that was highly influenced by the book. So far famliy life is much richer :)

I'm excited to stay tuned into your recp,,emds Jimmy.

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